Chapter 16.12


16.12.010    Submittal.

16.12.020    Form and contents.

16.12.030    Approval by the commission.

16.12.010 Submittal.

A.    In order to insure that the final plat of a subdivision is acceptable for processing, subdividers are encouraged to submit copies to the director of community development for checking prior to formal submittal. The final plat of a subdivision and thirteen copies thereof shall be submitted to the director of community development within twelve months of approval of the preliminary plat. If an approval of the preliminary plat must be obtained from another authority subsequent to approval by the commission, the final plat shall be submitted within sixteen months of approval of the preliminary plat. No approval shall be granted until it has been certified that there is no objection to the plat by any state or federal agency authorized to review.

B.    Except for lot line adjustments, a title search showing all parties with a secured interest in the property shall be provided to the director. (Ord. 96-27 § 1 (part): Ord. 93-03 § 1 (part): prior code § 24-17)

16.12.020 Form and contents.

A.    Form. A reproducible copy of the final plat drawn to scale with nonfading black ink on mylar material approved by the director.

The plat shall be at the scale approved by the platting authority at the time of the preliminary plat approval. The plat or plats shall be a sheet size of twenty-four inches by thirty-six inches, or thirty inches by forty-two inches as determined after consultation with the director, with a one and a one-half inch binder border at the left end of the longer sheet dimension and a one-half inch border along the other three edges. When multiple sheets are required, each must be numbered, be the same size, and show clearly labeled match lines. Match lines shall follow street centerlines or be otherwise located to avoid cutting lots or blocks in two.

B.    Contents. The plats shall show all existing and established monuments and courses and distances necessary to restake any portion of the plat. The allowable error of closure shall not exceed one foot in fifteen thousand feet (1:15,000) and shall conform, in addition to the following, to the standards established by the American Land Title Association current standards for Class A surveys and the Alaska Society of Professional Land Surveyors Standards of Practice as amended.

The final plat shall show the following:

1.    The boundary of the subdivided area showing clearly what stakes, monuments, or other evidence were found or established on the ground to determine the boundary of the subdivision;

2.    Bearing and distance to all monuments used to locate the subdivision boundary;

3.    The basis of bearing and its source shall be shown;

4.    All monuments found shall be indicated. If the monuments were reset by ties, that fact shall be stated;

5.    Within the subdivision, the plat shall show the following:

a.    Centerlines of all streets:

i.    Tangents, lengths and bearings,

ii.    Curve radii of all curves, curve data which may be in tabular form and include central angles, lengths, radii, and arc and chord bearings,

iii.    Central or deflection angles of all curves,

iv.    Arc lengths of all curves,

b.    Classification and total width of each street, walkway, trail or path being dedicated,

c.    Classification and width of any existing dedication,

d.    Width of portions of streets each side of the centerline,

e.    Width of the following rights-of-way:

i.    Patent reserves,

ii.    Section line easements,

iii.    Public utility easements,

iv.    Any other easements existing or dedicated, by the plat,

f.    All lot lines should, if possible, be radial to a curve. If not, they shall be labeled “not radial,”

g.    Dimensions shall be in feet and hundredths of a foot,

h.    Bearings shall be shown to the nearest five seconds;

6.    The width of any existing dedication which provides access to the subdivision;

7.    The width, bearing, and other data necessary to delineate all easements to which lots are subject.

a.    Easements shall be denoted by broken lines,

b.    If an easement is not parallel to and adjoining the lot lines, distances and bearings on the side lines of the lots which are cut by the easements shall be shown so as to indicate clearly the actual length of the lot line from the lot corners to the easement;

8.    All lots and blocks shall be numbered in a simple, consecutive, easy to follow manner;

9.    Sufficient data shall be shown on lot and block boundaries to determine readily the length and bearing of each line;

10.    No ditto marks shall be used;

11.    The name of adjoining subdivisions and numbers of adjoining lots as well as adjoining easements and roads;

12.    North arrow;

13.    Three-inch bar scale;

14.    Title block arranged in the lower right-hand corner which shall include the following:

a.    Date survey was completed,

b.    Subdivision name,

c.    Surveyor’s name, address, telephone number and registration number,

d.    Draftperson’s initials,

e.    Checker’s initials,

f.    Legal description of the subdivision location,

g.    Name of owner(s) of record;

15.    The area of each lot in square footage to the nearest ten square feet or acres to three decimal places;

16.    A vicinity map arranged in upper right-hand corner at a scale no smaller than one inch equals one mile, showing major street systems, section lines and north arrow;

17.    A legend with appropriate symbols indicating pertinent information;

18.    If the property lies within Flood Zone A the area shall be delineated and a note shall be included on the plat, stating that “The property within Flood Zone A as identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency shall be required to comply with Federal Regulations”;

19.    If the property contains any other hazard areas these areas shall be delineated and noted as to hazard.

C.    The director shall designate the certificates required for each plat.

1.    Required certificates shall be printed on the plat in a form supplied by the director.

2.    The certificate of ownership must be signed by all vested owners.

a.    Other parties with a secured interest in the property to be subdivided or dedicated.

b.    A standard form provided by the director may be signed and notarized, authorizing subdivision or dedication in place of signing the certificate on the plat.

c.    Official seals of the attesting officers, of the land surveyor who prepared the plat and approval certificates from state agencies shall be placed on the plat. (Ord. 05-08 § 1; Ord. 96-27 § 1 (part): Ord. 93-03 § 1 (part): prior code § 24-18)

16.12.030 Approval by the commission.

The commission shall approve or reject the final plat of a subdivision within thirty days of its submittal, unless the time is extended by agreement with the subdivider. The subdivider shall certify the respects in which the final plat differs from the approved preliminary plat and all modifications made to meet the conditions of approval. Reasons for a rejection shall be stated in writing to the subdivider. The original approved plat will be filed by the city at the district recorder’s office. The director will retain a reproducible copy on polyester and the subdivider shall provide a copy of the approved plat in DXF or ASCI II format compatible with the Valdez computer geographic information system. (Ord. 96-27 § 1 (part): Ord. 93-03 § 1 (part): prior code § 24-19)