Chapter 16.20


16.20.010    Monuments.

16.20.020    Required facilities.

16.20.030    Bond required.

16.20.040    Approval of city engineer.

16.20.050    Development in stages.

16.20.060    Dedication of facilities.

16.20.010 Monuments.

A.    Angle Points. All exterior angle points in the subdivision shall be marked with primary monuments permanently set as follows:

1.    If not located within roadways or walkways, flush to the surface or protruding no more than four inches above ground level;

2.    If located within walkways, roadways or snow storage areas at least six inches below the surface in a survey box;

3.    Primary monuments shall be stamped with the following information:

a.    Location and identification,

b.    Year set,

c.    Surveyor’s license number,

d.    Exact transit point,

e.    Horizontal control in accordance with the Alaska State Plane Coordinate System.

B.    All primary monuments shall be referenced by two secondary monuments. The secondary monuments shall be in a single line, preferably along a surveyed or boundary line.

C.    All other corners shall be monumented with secondary monuments permanently set:

1.    Flush to the surface; or

2.    Protruding no more than four inches above the surface; and

3.    Stamped with the following information:

a.    Location and identification,

b.    Surveyor’s license number,

c.    Year set.

D.    Monument Material. The following monument material or equal shall be employed in the survey:

1.    Primary Monuments. Alloyed iron pipe, zinc coated or aluminum pipe.

a.    Outside diameter, two inch or larger,

b.    Cut in thirty inch lengths,

c.    One end of the pipe shall be split for several inches and the two halves spread to form flanges or a commercially manufactured foot attached;

2.    A brass or aluminum cap two and one-half inches or larger in diameter shall be securely attached to the other end by mechanical means;

3.    If aluminum pipe is used, the monument must contain a magnetic insert as an integral part of its composition;

4.    In areas where primary monuments are located on rock outcrops or concrete surfaces, a brass or aluminum tablet two and one-half inch diameter with a one-half inch diameter stem shall be cemented into a drilled hole. The tablet shall be flush with the surrounding surface. The tablet shall include a magnetic insert as an integral part of its composition.

E.    Secondary Monuments.

1.    Cap one and one-half inch or larger secured by friction fit or mechanical means to five-eighths inch steel rebar or other ferrous metal rod.

2.    The rods shall penetrate a minimum of thirty inches below the surface.

3.    Plastic stakes specifically designed for survey purposes are allowable if they meet penetration requirements and are detectable by commonly used metal detectors.

4.    In areas where secondary monuments are located on rock outcrop or concrete surfaces, the procedure for primary monuments shall be followed.

F.    Reference Monuments.

1.    Minimum requirements are the same as those for secondary monuments.

2.    All reference caps will be marked with the following information:

a.    Distance to monument;

b.    Surveyor’s license number;

c.    Designation of and an arrow pointing to the referenced “corner”;

d.    Date set.

G.    Monument material requirements are minimum standards. Other materials of equal or higher quality approved by the city engineer shall be allowed. (Ord. 96-27 § 1 (part): Ord. 93-03 § 1 (part): prior code § 24-37)

16.20.020 Required facilities.

Where applicable, before the final plat of a subdivision may be considered for approval, the subdivider shall provide and dedicate the following facilities and improvements according to standards established by the city. The subdivider shall provide to the city engineer certified by an engineer licensed in Alaska as-built drawings of the improvements. Facilities and improvements shall be installed within the time required by the city, but in no event to exceed two years.

A.    Water and Sewer. Water and sanitary sewer mains, lift stations and laterals to the lot lines in those cases where the subdivision is within two hundred feet of land served by water and sewer.

B.    Streets. All new streets graded and surfaced with paving, and additional right-of-way along existing streets in conformity with the established street width map of the city. Except for cul-de-sacs and street boulevards for center strip drainage, no required dedication shall exceed one hundred feet of width. Where principal thoroughfares lie within the plat, the subdivider shall not be required to provide improvements in excess of those normally required to serve the development itself. The commission may waive the requirement for paving where the subdivision is located in a rural area.

C.    Stormwater Mains. Stormwater mains shall be provided as deemed necessary by the city engineer.

D.    Surface Drainage. Curb and gutter or other adequate facilities to provide surface water drainage as deemed necessary by the city engineer.

E.    Erosion Control. All open cuts of ground shall be returned in a satisfactory manner. Seeding shall be provided for any open cut subject to excessive erosion. Barriers shall be placed at intervals and at right angles to the flow of water in order to prevent erosion.

F.    Snow Storage. Snow storage shall be provided per Section 16.16.055 and dedicated to the city.

G.    Street Signs. Street signs indicating street name, speed limits, and other appropriate notification shall be provided as deemed necessary by the city engineer and community development department.

H.    Street Lights. Street lights illuminating intersections and lengths of street shall be provided as deemed necessary by the city engineer. (Ord. 03-13 § 1: Ord. 96-27 § 1 (part): Ord. 93-03 § 1 (part): prior code § 24-38)

16.20.030 Bond required.

In the event the facilities and improvements required by this chapter have not been fully installed at the time the plat of a subdivision is submitted for final approval; the subdivider shall file with the director a surety bond executed by the subdivider as principal and a responsible bonding company duly licensed and authorized to do business in the state of Alaska as surety; payable to the city and conditioned upon the faithful performance and payment of all work to be performed by the subdivider pursuant to this title; or any other satisfactory financial guarantee for this purpose. Such bond or other financial guarantee shall be approved by the city attorney and shall be of an amount determined by the city engineer to cover the cost of completing such facilities and improvements. (Ord. 96-27 § 1 (part): Ord. 93-03 § 1 (part): prior code § 24-39)

16.20.040 Approval of city engineer.

The adequacy of the facilities and improvements required by this chapter and their proper installation shall be subject to approval of the city engineer. (Ord. 96-27 § 1 (part): Ord. 93-03 § 1 (part): prior code § 24-40)

16.20.050 Development in stages.

In instances where in the determination of the commission that the whole of a platted subdivision cannot immediately be fully improved with respect to the installation of all required facilities and street improvements, for good reason or cause, the commission may authorize the subdivider to proceed with the installation of improvements required under this title on a portion or part of such subdivision. in such event the requirements of this title shall apply to that portion or part thereof authorized for immediate improvement. (Ord. 96-27 § 1 (part): Ord. 93-03 § 1 (part): prior code § 24-41)

16.20.060 Dedication of facilities.

All facilities and improvements installed prior to the final approval of the plat of a subdivision shall be considered dedicated along with streets and other public areas upon the approval of the final plat. Facilities and improvements completed under bond or other financial guarantee after the approval of the plat shall be considered dedicated upon their approval and acceptance and release of the bond or other guarantee. (Ord. 96-27 § 1 (part): Ord. 93-03 § 1 (part): prior code § 24-42)