Summary of Contents

Editor's Note. This Charter is printed herein exactly as passed on February 21, 1961; except, that a uniform system of capitalization and punctuation has been employed; and except, that historical citations which appear at the end of sections indicate the ordinances which have amended such sections since the original ordinance was adopted.

Chapter I. General Provisions.

1.1    Continuation of Existing Corporation.

1.2.    Form of Government.

1.3.    Boundaries.

1.4.    Powers of the City.

1.5.    Powers of the City.

1.6.    Definitions and Construction.

1.7.    Records to be Public.

1.8.    Quorum.

1.9.    Sundays and Holidays.

1.10.    Penalties for Violations.1

1.12.    Chapter and Section Headings.

1.13.    Severability of Charter Provisions.

Chapter II. Officers.

2.1    City Officers.

2.2.    Eligibility for Elective City Office.

2.3.    Persons Ineligible for City Office or Employment.

2.4.    Notice of Election or Appoinment.

2.5.    Compensation of Officers.

2.6.    Compensation of Mayor and Councilmen.

2.7.    Oath of Office.

2.8.    Surety Bonds.

2.9.    Giving of Surety by Officers and Employees Forbidden.

2.10.    Vacancies in Office.

2.11.    Resignations.

2.12.    Removal from Office.

2.13.    Recall.

2.14.    Filling Vacancies.

2.15.    Delivery of Office to Successor.

Chapter III. The City Council.

3.1    The City Council.

3.1.1.    The City Council Bulletin Board.

3.2.    Terms of Office.

3.3.    Organization of the Council.

3.4.    The Mayor.

3.5.    The Mayor Pro Tempore.

3.6.    Meetings of the Council.

3.7.    Powers of the Council to Appoint Citizen Boards.

Chapter IV. City Legislation.

4.1    Introduction, Consideration, Style and Recording of Code Provisions.

4.2.    Publication of Code Provisions.

4.3.    Effective Date of Taxation Code Provisions.

4.4.    Time Limit for Prosecution of Charter or Code Violations.

4.5.    Due Process to be Accorded.

4.6.    Initiative and Referendum.

4.7.    Code Provisions Adopted by the Initiative.

4.8.    Council Action.

4.9.    Building and Zoning Regulations.

4.10.    Abatement of Nuisances.

4.11.    Port and Harbor Jurisdiction.

4.12.    Other Municipal Services.

Chapter V. The Administrative Service.

5.1    The Council to Provide for the City Administration.

5.2.    Emergency Administration.

5.3.    Administrative Officers and Employees—Appointment, Terms and Compensation.

5.3a.    City Manager.

5.4.    City Clerk.

5.5.    City Attorney.

5.6.    City Fiscal Agent.

5.7.    Employee Benefit Plans.

Chapter VI. Budget Procedure and General Finance Provisions.

6.1    Fiscal Year.

6.2.    Budget Statement of City.

6.3.    Budget Adoption Procedure.

6.4.    Budget Control.

6.5.    Withdrawal of Funds.

6.6.    Independent Audit.

6.7.    Permanent Fund.

Chapter VII. Taxation.

7.1    Taxation by Ordinance.

7.2.    Exemptions.

7.3.    Assessment Day.

7.4.    Security for Taxes on Real Property.

7.5.    Protection of City’s Real Property Tax Liens.

7.6.    Security for Taxes on Personal Property.

Chapter VIIA. Service Areas.

7A.1    Purpose.

7A.2.    Establishment.

Chapter VIII. Special Assessments and Public Improvements.

8.1    General Power Relative to Special Assessments and Public Improvements.

8.2.    Detailed Procedure to be Fixed in the Code.

8.3.    Expenditures Before Funds for Improvements are Available.

8.4.    Correction of Invalid Special Assessments.

8.5.    Limitations on Suits and Actions.

8.6.    Lien for and Collection of Special Assessments.

8.7.    Receipts from Special Assessments.

8.8.    All Real Property Liable for Special Assessments.

Chapter IX. Intergovernmental Relations.

9.1    Agreements for Transferring Powers.

9.2.    Cooperation with Other Governments.2

Chapter X. Elections.

10.1    Regular City Election.

10.2.    Special City Election.

10.3.    Qualifications of Electors.

10.4.    Election Procedure.

10.5.    Tie Vote.

Chapter XI. Municipal Borrowing.

11.1    General Authorization to Borrow Money.

11.2.    Limitations upon Borrowing Power.

Chapter XII. Contracts.

12.1    Authority of Council.

12.2.    Procurement and Procedures.

12.3.    Limitations on Contractual Power.

12.4.    Business Dealings with City.

Chapter XIII. Public Utility Services.

13.1    General Powers Respecting Municipal Utilities.

13.2.    Rates.

13.3.    Collection of Municipal Utility Rates and Charges.

13.4.    Disposal of Municipal Utility Plants and Utility Property.

13.5.    Public Utility Franchises.

13.6.    Limitations on the Granting of Franchises.

13.7.    Procedure for Granting Franchises.

13.8.    Sale or Assignment of Franchises.

13.9.    Plans of Facilities in Streets and Public Places.

Chapter XIV. Revision and Amendment.

14.1    Revision of Charter.

14.2.    Amendment of Charter.

14.3.    Amendment of Charter by Council Action.

14.4.    Amendment of Charter by Initiatory Petition.

14.5.    Scope of Amendments.

14.6.    Publication of Proposed Amendments.

14.7.    Filing of Ratified Amendment.

14.8.    Industrial Development Bonds.


1.    Purpose and Status of Schedule Chapter.

2.    Prior Legislation Preserved.

3.    Election to Adopt Charter.

4.    City Officers.

5.    Council to Organize Following Adoption of Charter.

6.    Transition of Government.

7.    Vested Rights and Liabilities.


Section 1.11. “Notice to city of claim for injuries” deleted per May 2, 1989 election.


Section 9.3., 9.4., and 9.5. deleted per May 2, 1989 election.