Chapter 1.12


1.12.010    Designated.

1.12.010 Designated.

A. The official seal of the City, a facsimile of which appears below, consists of two concentric circles, at the center of which appear a vignette of the Begich Towers and Whittier Manor condominium buildings against a background of mountains, and between which the words “THE CITY OF WHITTIER, ALASKA,” appear at the top and the words “Incorporated on July 15, 1969” appear at the bottom.

B. The above described seal is adopted and declared the corporate seal of the City, and shall be used to authenticate all acts of this corporation. The seal of the City shall be kept by the City Clerk and by him or her affixed to all acts required to be so authenticated. [Ord. 18 § 2, 1985. Prior code § 1.20.030].