Chapter 2.22


2.22.010    Assessor.

2.22.020    Duties of the Assessor.

2.22.010 Assessor.

The City Assessor shall be appointed by the City Manager and shall hold office at the discretion of the City Manager. [Ord. 535-08 § 20, 2008].

2.22.020 Duties of the Assessor.

The City Assessor shall annually list and assess all of the taxable property in the City at its just and fair value. The City Assessor shall file the list and assessment as soon as completed with the City Clerk, who shall serve a notice of the filing upon each person or business within the City whose property has been assessed. The City Assessor shall also perform such other duties as are required. [Ord. 535-08 § 20, 2008].