Chapter 2.27


2.27.010    Established.

2.27.020    Volunteer Fire Department – Organization.

2.27.030    Volunteer Fire Department – Generally.

2.27.040    Volunteer Fire Department – Reimbursement.

2.27.050    Fire Chief – Appointment.

2.27.060    Fire Chief – Composition of companies.

2.27.070    Fire Chief – Officer appointments.

2.27.080    Fire Chief – Budget submittal.

2.27.090    Fire Chief – Arson suppression.

2.27.100    Fire Chief – Rules and regulations.

2.27.110    Fire Chief – Training requirements.

2.27.120    Fire Chief – Records maintenance.

2.27.130    Annual report.

2.27.140    Equipment – Responsibility.

2.27.150    Equipment – Assignment authority.

2.27.160    Equipment – Prohibited uses.

2.27.170    Equipment – Use permitted – When.

2.27.180    Private vehicle – Insignia issuance.

2.27.190    Private vehicle – Equipment – Right-of-way privilege.

2.27.200    Establishment of fire service fee schedule.

Prior legislation: Prior code Ch. 3.40.

2.27.010 Established.

There shall be a fire department in and for the City to be known as the “Whittier Fire Department.” It shall consist of a Fire Chief and assistant chief (or chiefs), and as many other officers and firefighters as the City Manager may deem necessary for the effective operation of the department. [Ord. 268-93 § 4, 1993. Prior code § 10.05.010. Formerly 2.26.010].

2.27.020 Volunteer Fire Department – Organization.

Members of the Fire Department who are not regular department officers may organize into a voluntary association with the right to elect their own officers and adopt by-laws. This association shall be known as the Volunteer Fire Department. [Prior code § 10.05.020(a). Formerly 2.26.020].

2.27.030 Volunteer Fire Department – Generally.

The functions and duties of the officers of the Volunteer Fire Department shall not interfere with those of the regular department officers who are charged with responsibility for all fire service activities of the department. The Volunteer Fire Department shall in no way limit the power of the Fire Chief. All property used by the Volunteer Fire Department shall be paid by check upon proper voucher by the regular City authorities. [Prior code § 10.05.020(b). Formerly 2.26.030].

2.27.040 Volunteer Fire Department – Reimbursement.

From time to time in such amounts as the City Manager deems advisable, payments may be made to the Volunteer Fire Department for the purpose of giving that association funds with which to reimburse members for personal property damaged while attending fires and for such other purposes in keeping with its functions. [Ord. 268-93 § 5, 1993. Prior code § 10.05.020(c). Formerly 2.26.040].

2.27.050 Fire Chief – Appointment.

The Fire Chief shall be elected by the members of the Volunteer Fire Department and confirmed by the Director of Public Safety and shall be responsible to the Director of Public Safety. His/her appointment shall be for a two-year term, depending on his/her good conduct and efficiency. He/she shall be technically qualified through training and experience, and shall have the ability to command other volunteers. He/she shall be removed only for just cause by members of the Volunteer Fire Department upon the recommendation of the Public Safety Director. [Ord. 347-97 § 2, 1997; Ord. 165-90 § 1, 1990. Prior code § 10.05.030(a). Formerly 2.26.050].

2.27.060 Fire Chief – Composition of companies.

The Fire Chief shall determine the number and kind of companies of which the department is to be composed and the response of such companies to alarms. [Ord. 31 § 15, 1985. Prior code § 10.05.030(b). Formerly 2.26.060].

2.27.070 Fire Chief – Officer appointments.

The Fire Chief shall appoint all other officers and firefighters (both paid and volunteer). Such appointments shall be, insofar as possible, following fair and impartial competitive examination. All officers shall be accountable to the Fire Chief or his representative. [Prior code § 10.05.030(c). Formerly 2.26.070].

2.27.080 Fire Chief – Budget submittal.

The Fire Chief shall annually submit a tentative budget for his department. [Prior code § 10.05.030(d). Formerly 2.26.080].

2.27.090 Fire Chief – Arson suppression.

The Fire Chief shall assist the proper authorities in suppressing the crime of arson by investigating or causing to be investigated the cause, origin and circumstances of all fires. [Prior code § 10.05.030(e). Formerly 2.26.090].

2.27.100 Fire Chief – Rules and regulations.

The Fire Chief shall maintain and enforce an up-to-date, comprehensive set of rules and regulations governing the discipline, training and operation of the Fire Department. Such rules, regulations and any elections, changes or additions shall be effective when approved by and filed with the Public Safety Director with the concurrence of the City Manager. [Ord. 268-93 § 6, 1993. Prior code § 10.05.040. Formerly 2.26.100].

2.27.110 Fire Chief – Training requirements.

The Fire Chief or his representative shall, at least two times per month, provide for suitable drills covering the operation and handling of all equipment essential for efficient department operation. In addition, he shall provide, at least four times per year, quarterly sessions of instructions to include such subjects as first aid, water supplies, and other subjects related to fire suppression. [Prior code § 10.05.050(a). Formerly 2.26.110].

2.27.120 Fire Chief – Records maintenance.

The Fire Chief shall see that complete records are kept of all apparatus, equipment, personnel, training, inspections, fires and other department activities. [Prior code § 10.05.050(b). Formerly 2.26.120].

2.27.130 Annual report.

Current records and comparative data for previous years and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the department shall be included in an annual report. Such other reports as may be required concerning the department in general, giving suggestions and recommendations for major improvements, and listing other data so as to maintain a complete record of the activities of the department shall also be prepared. [Prior code § 10.05.050(c). Formerly 2.26.130].

2.27.140 Equipment – Responsibility.

The Fire Chief shall be responsible to the Public Safety Director for recommending such apparatus or other firefighting equipment as may be required to maintain Fire Department efficiency, and for providing suitable arrangements and equipment for reporting fires or emergencies, and for notifying all members of the department to assure prompt response to such incidents. [Ord. 268-93 § 7, 1993. Prior code § 10.05.060(a). Formerly 2.26.140].

2.27.150 Equipment – Assignment authority.

The Fire Chief or his authorized representative shall have power to assign equipment for response to calls for outside aid where agreements are in force and in other cases only when the absence of such equipment will not jeopardize protection of the City. [Prior code § 10.05.060(b). Formerly 2.26.150].

2.27.160 Equipment – Prohibited uses.

No person shall use any fire apparatus or equipment for any private purpose, nor shall any person willfully and without proper authority take away or conceal any article used in any way by the department. [Prior code § 10.05.060(c). Formerly 2.26.160].

2.27.170 Equipment – Use permitted – When.

No person shall enter any place where fire apparatus is housed or handle apparatus or equipment belonging to the department unless accompanied by or having the special permission of an officer or authorized member of the department. [Prior code § 10.05.060(d). Formerly 2.26.170].

2.27.180 Private vehicle – Insignia issuance.

Each member of the Volunteer Fire Department driving a private car shall be issued a suitable insignia to be attached to the car designating him as a member of the department. [Prior code § 10.05.070(a). Formerly 2.26.180].

2.27.190 Private vehicle – Equipment – Right-of-way privilege.

All personal cars of Volunteer Fire Department members shall be equipped with a flashing blue light and shall have right-of-way over all other traffic when responding to an alarm, but shall observe all City traffic ordinances. [Prior code § 10.05.070(b). Formerly 2.26.190].

2.27.200 Establishment of fire service fee schedule.

The Public Safety Director for the Whittier Fire Department shall adopt a fee schedule for fire services. The fees shall be based on the costs involved in providing services.

A. All charges for services shall be the obligation of the individual or entity requiring service.

B. Billing to insurance companies for such services shall not be the responsibility of the City, although incident reports required for insurance filing will be provided. [Ord. 352-97 §§ 2(A), (B), 1997. Formerly 2.26.200].