Chapter 2.34


2.34.010    Department of Public Works.

2.34.020    Director of Public Works.

2.34.030    Duties of the Director of Public Works.

2.34.010 Department of Public Works.

There is created a Department of Public Works, the head of which shall be the Director of Public Works. [Ord. 535-08 § 12, 2008].

2.34.020 Director of Public Works.

The Director of Public Works shall be appointed by the City Manager and shall hold office at the discretion of the City Manager. [Ord. 535-08 § 12, 2008].

2.34.030 Duties of the Director of Public Works.

Under the supervision of the City Manager, the Director of Public Works shall have the following duties:

A. Be responsible for all matters pertaining to construction, management, maintenance, and operation of City facilities under the Department of Public Works’ jurisdiction;

B. Coordinate with the Department of Administration the planning of such changes or improvements to City facilities as are essential or desirable for the future growth of the City;

C. See that no encroachments of fences, buildings, or otherwise are made upon any street, public land, or land of the City;

D. Attempt to supervise and direct enforcement of the City’s land use ordinances, rules, and regulations;

E. Provide technical and staff support to the Planning Commission/Platting Board;

F. Review all building permits for consistency with the requirements set forth in WMC Title 17;

G. Perform other duties as may be specified in this code or by the City Manager;

H. Upon request, furnish to all applicants, so far as the records reasonably allow, any information pertaining to the lines and grades of streets on which the applicant’s home is situated, or upon which the applicants may intend to build;

I. Prepare or cause to be prepared all contracts, and all specifications that may be required for public works, subject to review by the City Attorney;

J. Maintain the City streets, sidewalks, public lands, grounds, and buildings under the Department of Public Works’ jurisdiction;

K. Manage the City’s water and wastewater utilities;

L. Administer the water and wastewater enterprise fund;

M. Supervise all matters related to the management, operation, and maintenance of the City’s public utility facilities and systems;

N. Coordinate with the Department of Administration on fiscal matters relating to the administration of the utility enterprise funds; and

O. Coordinate the maintenance and use of the parks, recreational areas, playgrounds, and other City facilities used in conjunction with the recreational programs and activities sponsored or administered by the City. [Ord. 535-08 § 12, 2008].