Chapter 3.16


3.16.010    Budget submittal.

3.16.020    Budget report.

3.16.030    Budget – Council action.

3.16.040    Supplemental appropriation – Council authority.

3.16.050    Appropriations – Lapse.

3.16.060    Appropriations – Classification.

3.16.010 Budget submittal.

No later than November 1st, the Manager shall submit to the Council a proposed operating and capital budget for the next fiscal year. The budget shall be based on detailed estimates furnished by City agencies according to a classification as nearly uniform as possible. The budget shall present recommended appropriations, anticipated expenditures, and estimates of taxes and other revenues required to support the budget. [Ord. 445-02 § 2, 2002. Prior code § 7.10.020].

3.16.020 Budget report.

The Manager shall accompany the budget with a budget report. The report shall propose financial policies for the City during the next fiscal year, explaining any major changes from the previous year’s appropriations and revenues. [Prior code § 7.10.030].

3.16.030 Budget – Council action.

The Council may increase or decrease any item and may add or delete items in the proposed operating and capital budgets. The Council shall approve the budget as amended and appropriate by ordinance the necessary funds no later than adjournment of the last regular or special council meeting of the preceding City fiscal year. [Ord. 12-2014 § 2, 2014. Prior code § 7.10.040].

3.16.040 Supplemental appropriation – Council authority.

The Council by ordinance may make supplemental and emergency appropriations and may transfer appropriations. [Prior code § 7.10.050].

3.16.050 Appropriations – Lapse.

At the close of the fiscal year, unencumbered appropriations lapse into the fund from which appropriated; provided, that an appropriation for a capital improvement, or in connection with a Federal or State grant, does not lapse until the purpose of the appropriation has been accomplished or abandoned. [Prior code § 7.10.060].

3.16.060 Appropriations – Classification.

A. All funds established by the City shall be as ordained by the Council. The major categories of funds shall be:

1. General fund;

2. Small boat harbor fund;

3. Small boat harbor trust fund;

4. Escrow fund;

5. Utility fund;

6. Capital projects fund;

7. Federal revenue sharing fund.

B. The accounts of the City shall be organized to conform substantially to the standards promulgated by the National Committee on Governmental Accounting. All appropriations shall be made in accordance with the classifications prescribed by the Manager. [Prior code § 7.10.070].