Chapter 3.20


3.20.010    Monthly records.

3.20.020    Annual financial report.

3.20.030    Annual reports.

3.20.040    Reports to State.

3.20.010 Monthly records.

The Manager shall make reports to the Council on City finances and operations. The monthly reports shall be rendered in condensed format and will include current and year-to-date financial information. [Prior code § 7.30.010].

3.20.020 Annual financial report.

The Manager shall report to the Council at the end of each fiscal year on the finances and administrative activities of the City. [Prior code § 7.30.020].

3.20.030 Annual reports.

At the end of each fiscal year, the Manager shall prepare an annual report giving a summarized statement of all revenues and expenditures of the City, a summary of the proceedings of the Council, and a summary of the operations of the administrative departments for the preceding 12 months. A copy of this report shall be furnished to any citizen who may apply therefor at the office of the Clerk. [Prior code § 7.30.030].

3.20.040 Reports to State.

The Manager shall file annually the following reports with the State Department of Community and Regional Affairs:

A. A copy of the statement of annual income and expenditures;

B. Tax assessment data as requested. [Prior code § 7.30.040].