Chapter 3.24


3.24.010    Expenditures subject to appropriations.

3.24.020    Checks – Issuance.

3.24.030    Checks – Signatories.

3.24.040    Collections.

3.24.050    Uncollectible accounts and checks.

3.24.060    Refund of certain moneys erroneously paid.

3.24.070    Service of process.

3.24.010 Expenditures subject to appropriations.

A. No payment shall be made or obligation incurred except in accordance with appropriations. Obligations otherwise incurred are void.

B. No contract, agreement or other obligation involving the expenditure of money shall be entered into, nor shall any ordinance, resolution or order for expenditure of money be adopted by the Council or authorized by any City officer unless the Treasurer first certifies that the money required for the contract, obligation or expenditure has been appropriated to the fund from which it is to be drawn and not appropriated or encumbered for any other purpose. The sum so certified shall not thereafter be considered unencumbered until the City is discharged from the contract, agreement or obligation. All moneys actually in the treasury to the credit of the fund from which they are to be drawn and all moneys applicable to the payment of the obligation or appropriation involved that are anticipated to come into the treasury before the maturity of such contract, agreement or obligation from taxes, assessments, miscellaneous revenue or from sales of property, Federal or State grants, and moneys to be derived from lawfully authorized bonds, for the purpose of such certificate shall be considered in the treasury to the credit of the appropriate fund and subject to such certification. [Prior code § 7.20.010].

3.24.020 Checks – Issuance.

All checks shall be issued by the Treasurer and drawn on the City treasury, and each check shall set forth on its face a number corresponding to the number of the voucher so paid, the date of issue, the name of the party to whom payable, the department or account to be charged therewith, and the amount thereof, and shall be signed according to WMC 3.24.030. The checks so issued shall be transferable by endorsement, and shall be receivable for money due to the City. In no instance shall a City check be drawn to cash. [Prior code § 7.20.020].

3.24.030 Checks – Signatories.

A. There shall be two classes of signatories for all City checks: the first class shall be elected officials and the second class shall be appointed officials. The signatories shall be the persons occupying the positions set out in subsection (B) of this section. One person from each of the two classes of signatories must sign all checks.

B. The classes of signatories shall be:

1. Elected officials, who shall be the Mayor, the Vice-Mayor, and the other Council members.

2. Appointed officials, who shall be the City Manager, the City Clerk, and at least one other appointed official designated by position by the Council by resolution. [Ord. 362-97 § 2, 1997; Ord. 215-92 § 1, 1991; Ord. 1-15-81].

3.24.040 Collections.

The fiscal officer/Treasurer shall bill and collect all real and personal property taxes, sales, special assessments and miscellaneous revenues of the City. Undesignated remittances may be credited to accounts at the discretion of the Treasurer. [Prior code § 7.20.030].

3.24.050 Uncollectible accounts and checks.

The fiscal officer/Treasurer may charge off or correct, from time to time, such unpaid and outstanding accounts receivable as may be found to have been uncollectible. This shall include unpaid and outstanding delinquent taxes for personal property or delinquent checks as may be found to have been uncollectible. He also may impose a fee not to exceed an amount established by the Council resolution for checks remitted to the City in payment of any obligation which are returned by the bank for lack of sufficient funds. Council will set the fee. [Prior code § 7.20.040].

3.24.060 Refund of certain moneys erroneously paid.

The fiscal officer/Treasurer may refund moneys erroneously paid to and not due to the City from the fund to which the payment had been credited. [Prior code § 7.20.050].

3.24.070 Service of process.

A. Any garnishment, summons, notice of lien or attachment involving the salaries and wages of any officers or employees of the City shall be recognized by the City when served upon the Clerk.

B. Attachments of credit due from the City to any person shall be recognized when service of process is made on the Clerk. [Prior code § 7.20.060].