Chapter 3.20


3.20.010    Property tracking – Disposal – Proceeds.

3.20.010 Property tracking – Disposal – Proceeds.

A. The town manager shall be responsible for the tracking and management of town supplies and property during their entire life cycle.

B. The town manager may sell, lease, transfer, or dispose of surplus supplies and property (but excluding real property interests) with a value of $500.00 or less, in accordance with state law, in the best interests of the town, and in as competitive a manner as the town manager determines to be practicable.

C. The town manager shall make recommendations and present for council approval all transfers and disposals of real property interests, and surplus supplies and other property, with a value of $501.00 or more.

D. No town employee or his immediate family shall be entitled or permitted to purchase or otherwise acquire any surplus supplies or property from the town.

E. Unless otherwise provided by law or council direction, all proceeds from the sale of surplus supplies and property will be deposited into the town’s general fund. Proceeds from sale of enterprise, federal or state grant or other special designation property will be reimbursed, less prorated selling expenses, to the appropriate fund, after completion of each sale. (Ord. 18-01 § 1, 2018)