Chapter 18.115


18.115.010    Intent.

18.115.020    Location.

18.115.030    Approvals required.

18.115.040    Permitted uses.

18.115.050    Park accessory uses.

18.115.060    Conditional uses.

18.115.070    Park development standards.

Prior legislation: § 17-24-7.

18.115.010 Intent.

The intent of these regulations is to encourage development of well-planned manufactured home parks that offer spaces for rent, sale or lease, and to provide adequate regulations to preserve the residential character of the development and to prohibit incompatible land uses. All parks must also comply with the applicable subdivision regulations outlined in Title 17. (Ord. 19-04 § 1, 2019; Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-24-1)

18.115.020 Location.

All manufactured home parks shall be located within an R-4 zoning district or may be located within a B/C zoning district by conditional use permit approved by the planning and zoning commission and shall be consistent with the current Huachuca City general development plan. Access roads to the park shall be paved. (Ord. 19-04 § 1, 2019; Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-24-2)

18.115.030 Approvals required.

A. The manufactured home park must first obtain subdivision approval from the planning and zoning commission prior to any development. The necessary architectural site plans and subdivision plats must be submitted and meet the requirements outlined in this chapter, as well as the requirements outlined in Title 17 for subdivisions. The landscaping, screening and lighting plans shall also be included with the overall manufactured home park subdivision plan for planning and zoning commission approval. Necessary permits and inspections shall be obtained for the development.

B. Once the park has been developed, the installation of each individual manufactured home within this park is required to meet the requirements of this chapter and be approved by the building official and any other applicable agencies. Necessary permits and inspections shall be obtained for each installation.

C. The operation of the manufactured home park requires a business license issued by the town clerk. (Ord. 19-04 § 1, 2019)

18.115.040 Permitted uses.

The following uses are permitted within the manufactured home park on the individual spaces:

A. One manufactured home on each approved space for living purposes only. No dwelling units of conventional construction shall be permitted on any space for living purposes. Additional requirements as follows:

1. New installs within the park shall bear the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) identification plate and be no older than 10 years at the time of installation.

2. All manufactured homes shall be installed with an anchoring system approved by the building official.

3. All manufactured homes shall be skirted in a uniform manner with materials that will harmonize with the design and materials used on the manufactured home, as approved by the building official. Pressurized wood panels and corrugated steel skirting are prohibited.

B. Accessory uses are permitted on an individual manufactured home space, provided they meet the required setbacks outlined below. Approved accessory uses include: carport, garage, ramada, deck, covered porch and storage building. Any accessory use not listed must be approved by the zoning administrator. Additional requirements for accessory uses are as follows:

1. Accessory structures shall be architecturally compatible with the manufactured home.

2. The maximum height of any structure shall not exceed 15 feet on a manufactured home space.

3. No accessory building shall be erected within the minimum required front yard setbacks.

4. A garage or carport shall be set back from the side and rear lot lines a distance not less than three feet, except for a corner lot, where the street-side setback shall be the same as for the manufactured home.

5. All storage buildings shall be a maximum area of 150 square feet. They shall not encroach into the required park setbacks and shall be subject to firewall requirements outlined in the applicable building codes.

6. Accessory structures shall be firmly attached to the ground, unless deemed unnecessary by the building official. (Ord. 19-04 § 1, 2019; Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-24-3. Formerly 18.115.030)

18.115.050 Park accessory uses.

The following uses are permitted for the overall manufactured home park:

A. Manager’s office and/or residence. May be of conventional construction. The minimum yard setback requirements shall be the same as those for homes in an R-4 zoning district. If the park office is located within the residence, no home based business license will be required.

B. Social and recreational center. Building may be of conventional construction and used for activities such as birthday parties, family gatherings, dancing, games, meetings, banquets, movie viewing, and similar entertainment uses which are intended and used primarily as a resident amenity. If outside events are to be held in the building, such as craft shows or trade shows, the event must be approved by the park management and town of Huachuca City.

C. Outdoor recreation facilities. For the exclusive use of the residents of the manufactured home park and their guests, such as a swimming pool, BBQ areas, parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts and similar recreational uses.

D. Common use laundry facilities, maintenance buildings and security guard buildings. May be of conventional construction. (Ord. 19-04 § 1, 2019; Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-24-4. Formerly 18.115.040)

18.115.060 Conditional uses.

The following uses may be permitted as a conditional use for the overall manufactured home park. Requires planning and zoning commission approval.

A. Model manufactured home sales, provided they do not occupy more than five percent of the total spaces in the manufactured home park. Each manufactured home shall have the same setback and spacing required for other manufactured homes. There shall be no exterior displays or advertising other than one nonilluminated sign, not to exceed six square feet for each model and not over six feet in height.

B. Boat and/or trailer storage area, provided it is in a completely enclosed area or surrounded by not less than a six-foot-high solid fence or wall and is for the sole use of the residents of the park. All boats and trailers shall be currently and properly insured, titled, licensed or registered.

C. Other uses not listed in this section may be approved as a conditional use on a case-bycase basis by the planning and zoning commission. (Ord. 19-04 § 1, 2019; Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-24-5. Formerly 18.115.050)

18.115.070 Park development standards.

A. Minimum park size: two acres.

B. Maximum density: 10 manufactured homes per acre.

C. Minimum exterior park setbacks: 20 feet from all street frontages, measured from the right-of-way line, and 10 feet from all other sides.

D. Screening. The outer perimeter of the park shall be screened with a minimum of a six-foot-high decorative masonry wall.

E. Outer Perimeter Landscaping. The setback area between the right-of-way and the wall shall be a combination of landscape and hardscape. No off-street parking facilities or recreational facilities for common use shall be located within any required landscaped area. Area to be maintained to the satisfaction of the zoning administrator.

F. Minimum individual space size: 4,000 square feet.

G. Minimum Individual Space Setbacks. No manufactured home shall be located closer than 20 feet to another or closer than 25 feet to the exterior boundary of the park or any park building and storage/service area.

H. Any open space created by the required 25-foot setback from the exterior boundary shall be maintained as a landscape/hardscape buffer area which can be used for recreation, water retention, etc.

I. Minimum Yard Setbacks.

1. Front yard: 10 feet from the access street.

2. Rear yard: 10 feet from space line.

3. Side yard: 10 feet from space line.

J. An area of at least 250 square feet for each rental space shall be provided and improved for recreation, laundry and service purposes. Common recreation area shall be provided in the manufactured home park. Minimum common recreation area per park space shall be 250 square feet.

K. No boat, camper, recreational vehicle or trailer, as defined within this title, shall be permitted to be stored on a rental space. The park may provide such a parking area for the sole use of park residents in a separate minimum six-foot fenced area (obscured), as specified in this chapter.

L. Access to all manufactured home spaces shall be from the interior of the park.

M. Private streets within the manufactured home park shall be a minimum paved width of 24 feet.

N. At least two improved parking spaces per manufactured home space shall be provided. In addition, at least one additional guest space shall be provided in a common area for each five manufactured home spaces, clearly marked by a guest parking sign.

O. All utility lines shall be placed underground within the park. Each space shall be provided with water, sanitary sewer and electric lines. Telephone, cable TV and gas lines, if installed, shall also be installed underground. Fire hydrants shall be installed as required by the town code.

P. All parks shall have street lighting along private and public streets for the safety of pedestrians and in accordance with guidelines outlined elsewhere in this title.

Q. All parks shall have a minimum of two vehicular entrances. One entrance may be kept closed to the general public, but it is required for emergency ingress and egress. (Ord. 19-04 § 1, 2019; Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-24-6. Formerly 18.115.060)