Chapter 18.65


18.65.010    Purpose.

18.65.020    Location.

18.65.030    Requirements.

18.65.010 Purpose.

This designation is intended to provide for medium-density, single-family residential development in new areas and in accordance with the character of existing neighborhoods. The target density of the medium density designation is up to nine residences per acre. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-13-1)

18.65.020 Location.

Several areas within the town have been identified as desirable for medium density development. In total, 448 acres have been given the designation, including significant portions of the undeveloped areas to the west of SR 90 and various sites of in-fill within existing residential neighborhoods. An area beyond the town’s municipal limits, south of Hunt Road, has also been identified as desirable for this level of development. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-13-2)

18.65.030 Requirements.

Minimum lot size: 4,350 square feet. (Ord. 08-04, 2008; Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-13-4)