Chapter 18.70


18.70.010    Purpose.

18.70.020    Location.

18.70.010 Purpose.

This designation is intended to provide for high-density, single-family and multi-family residential development in new areas and in accordance with the character of existing neighborhoods. This designation is to include apartments and duplexes. The target density of this designation is for 10 or more residences per acre. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-14-1)

18.70.020 Location.

There are three areas within, and one area adjacent to, the town designated for high-density development. Within the town the sites include: the area on Paloma Blanca Way (platted but not planned) west of SR 90, the area north of Grant Street adjacent to the town’s boundary with Fort Huachuca and the area south of McCray Street southeast of Howard Street. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-14-2)