Chapter 18.85


18.85.010    Uses permitted.

18.85.010 Uses permitted.

The following uses are permitted in a C-3 zone:

A. Mining and all essential structures and operations directly connected with mining of gravel, rock, etc., such as offices, storehouses, bunkhouses, transporting, stockpiling, preparing for shipment, but not including retail or wholesale businesses, manufacturing, permanent housing or any other residential or commercial use.

B. Medical Marijuana Dispensary Off-Site Cultivation Location. A cultivation facility must be in compliance with ARS Section 36-2806. The facility shall not be located within 1,000 feet of a preschool, kindergarten, or other school or educational facility that caters to children, child care center, place of worship, public park, residential area, or the same type of use or a medical marijuana dispensary. This distance shall be measured from the exterior walls of the building or portion thereof in which the business is conducted or proposed to be conducted to the property line of the protected use.

C. Other uses shall be permitted only by permit of the board of adjustment. (Ord. 10-06 § 1-D, 2010; Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-17-1)