Sec. 2-106 Established.

There is hereby established a fire department. Such department shall be composed of a fire chief and such other personnel as provided by the common council.

Cross references: Bureau of fire prevention, § 5-121(b).

Sec. 2-107 Volunteer department.

There is hereby established a volunteer fire department. It shall be composed of such personnel as provided by the common council.

Sec. 2-108 Fire chief.

There is hereby created the position of chief of the fire department. The chief shall be appointed by the city manager. The chief shall, subject to the direction of the city manager, be in charge of all functions of the fire departments.

Sec. 2-109 Mission statement.

The fire department shall be responsible for the following duties:

(1) Protection of life and property from the destructive force of fire.

(2) Suppression of fire that threatens life and or property.

(3) Provide emergency medical care at the prehospital level and do so in the advanced life support mode, i.e., Paramedic, IEMT-C, IEMT.

(4) Respond to and attempt to mitigate hazardous materials emergencies that occur within the corporate city limits.

(5) Respond to calls for assistance that involve such incidents as downed power lines, natural gas leaks, fuel spills, or other requests that may be deemed as a potential threat to life or property.

(6) Conduct public education programs to educate the general public in good fire prevention and life safety practices.

(7) Conduct fire prevention inspections and enforce the Uniform Fire Code as adopted in Chapter 5, Article IX, Fire Code.

(8) Respond to calls for assistance from communities outside the corporate city limits in accordance with existing mutual aid agreement. Response outside the city shall be authorized by the fire chief or his duly authorized representative or assistant.

(9) In the absence of a mutual aid agreement, response outside the City of Kingman shall be authorized by the fire chief or his duly authorized representative or assistant, and shall comply with the following protocol:

a. Response outside the city in the absence of a mutual aid agreement shall be permitted when, in the opinion of the chief, fire protection services for the City of Kingman will not be jeopardized or depleted.

Response outside the city in the absence of a mutual aid agreement will not occur if city units are committed to emergency calls in the city, and further deployment of forces outside the city would compromise fire protection in the city.

b. The city will not provide emergency medical services outside the city in the absence of mutual aid agreements or EMS provider grant contracts and as agreed to with Western Arizona EMS and department of health services.

c. Response to fire emergencies outside the city will consist of the equipment and personnel designated by the fire chief or his assistant to resolve the emergency, but will not be such as to deplete fire protection services within the city.

d. When response outside the city occurs in the absence of a mutual aid agreement, every effort shall be made to recover costs to the city.

(Ord. No. 660-R, 7-20-87; Ord. No. 720, 9-19-88; Ord. No. 963, 4-19-93)

Sec. 2-110 Volunteer firefighters retirement plan; advisory committee.

(a) The City of Kingman Volunteer Firefighters Retirement Plan, a copy of which is attached to Resolution No. 1227-Rev. as Exhibit A, is hereby adopted as the alternative pension and benefit plan for the Kingman Volunteer Fire Department. The effective date of said plan is hereby declared to be July 1, 1987.

(b) The mayor is hereby authorized and directed to execute on behalf of the city the proposed plan.

(c) Composition of the Kingman Volunteer Firefighter Pension Plan Board of Trustees shall be:

(1) Four (4) members of the volunteer firefighters employees duly elected by their constituents;

(2) One (1) lay person appointed by the mayor and common council;

(3) The mayor, or the mayor’s designee;

(4) The fire chief, as an ex officio member.

(d) The limitation year shall be and is designated as that twelve (12) consecutive month period beginning July first and ending June thirtieth.

(e) This authorization and adoption of said plan and trust agreement are made expressly contingent upon approval of the Internal Revenue Service as a qualified tax-exempt retirement plan and trust agreement, and that the board promptly submit such plan and trust to the Internal Revenue Service for approval.

(f) Proper officers of the city are hereby authorized and directed to make such contribution to the plan from the funds of the firefighters relief and pension fund each year as shall be necessary to carry out the provisions of the plan, provided however that such contributions shall be subject to annual appropriations of the city and provided further that nothing shall be construed to require any contribution or appropriation in excess of the proceeds of the fire insurance premium tax received by the city pursuant to A.R.S section 9-952.

(Res. No. 1241, 8-1-88; Ord. No. 1063, § 2, 12-4-95)

Editor’s note: Inclusion of nonamendatory Resolution No. 1227-Rev., adopted June 20, 1988, as § 2-110 was at the discretion of the editors.

State law references: Alternative pension and benefit program for firemen not covered by the public safety personnel retirement system, A.R.S. § 9-981.

Sec. 2-111 Reserved.


Cross references: Fires in parks, § 2-114(c)(12); fire code, § 5-121 et seq.; fireworks prohibited, § 7-206.