5.01    Fee Schedule

5.03    Waiver or Refund

5.04    Impact Fees

*    Editor’s Note: § 5.02 was repealed by Ord. 02-79.

5.01 Fee Schedule

Fees for all zoning change amendments (map or text), use permits, variances, plan review, design review, signs, impact mitigation or appeals are established; and, from time to time, revised by the Litchfield Park city council. Fee schedules are kept on file in city hall.

5.03 Waiver or Refund

Applicable fees, in whole or in part, may be waived only for nonprofit organizations and by the city council. No refunds of application fees may be approved other than subsequent fee waivers approved by city council.

5.04 Impact Fees

Fees to defray costs for establishing and maintaining municipal improvements (including, but not limited to, streets, sidewalks, cartpaths, water, sewer, drainage, parks, public landscaping, libraries, recreation centers and public arts) will be charged according to a schedule of proportionate service allocations for residential and nonresidential properties adopted, and from time to time revised, by the council. Such fees are due and payable prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for any included structure or property.