20.01    Land Use Definition

20.02    Use Regulations

20.03    Property Development Standards

20.04    Additional Regulations

*    Editor’s Note: § 20.05 was repealed by Ord. 06-111.

20.01 Land Use Definition

Resort: this category provides commercial hospitality lodgings in spacious settings that are principally intended for vacationing, relaxation and conference activities for visitors to the community.

Permitted are tourist lodgings such as hotels or motels, with commonly incidental, recreation-oriented uses, including golf courses, horseback riding, swimming, tennis, and other similar outdoor activities; as well as facilities contained within the principal resort building: restaurants, cocktail lounges, car rental, health clubs, childcare, professional business offices, and convention services.

Other accessory or temporary uses: fraternal or civic clubs, freestanding commercial recreation (including stables), retail shops, or financial institutions and any manufactured structures require use permit approval. (Ord. 06-111 § 1 (part))

20.02 Use Regulations

Buildings or premises shall be used only for the purposes as set forth in the city of Litchfield Park zoning matrix (Section 28).

20.03 Property Development Standards

a.    Development Area

Each development shall have a minimum area of ten acres. The resort development must provide a minimum of four thousand square feet of area for each lodging unit.

b.    Development Width

The minimum development width shall be three hundred feet.

c.    Coverage

The maximum coverage shall be sixty percent of the development area.

d.    Buffers

Buffer yards, consisting at a minimum of landscaping for the required setback distance, including pathways as appropriate, as approved by the design review board, shall be provided between dissimilar uses or other districts. (Ord. 04-91 § 1 (part))

20.04 Additional Regulations

a.    All activity (except required on-site parking, loading or unloading) including incidental or accessory storage and display area shall be within a completely enclosed building, unless specifically noted herein. Use permit approval shall be required for any intensification, expansion or alteration of uses, conditions or buildings including, but not limited to, golf course maintenance facilities.

b.    Any exterior lighting shall be directed downward and away from adjacent property in accordance with the city code and this zoning code. See Section 31.15.

c.    Provisions for on-site stormwater retention/drainage and off-site stormwater drainage both entering and leaving the property shall be as required by the city and the Maricopa County Flood Control District, the procedures for which shall be approved by the council.