26.01    Land Use Definition

26.02    Application Requirements

26.03    Design Criteria and Development Standards

26.04    Property Development Standards Modification Procedure

26.01 Land Use Definition

A planned development is a development improved in accordance with an overall project plan. The approved density and land use regulations shall be applied to the total area of the planned development rather than separately to individual lots. The planned development district is an overlay district, combined with one or more underlying district designations. The planned development overlay will only be granted for parcels of forty acres or more unless an exception is obtained from the council.

Planned developments should, and are encouraged to, include business uses which contribute to neighborhood quality and convenience as well as the community economy. Site planning techniques are applied to integrate establishments providing goods, services, leisure activities and jobs that are easily accessible to nearby residents.

Zoning in growth areas designated in the city of Litchfield Park general plan shall be planned development districts with appropriate buffering treatment for the integration of adjacent uses.

Existing planned developments contain the uses and are maintained to the specific conditions of development set forth in their respective plans of development or covenants, codes and restrictions (CC&Rs). Alterations, expansions, additions, or intensification of uses (including, but not limited to, requests for home occupation) beyond that which is permitted in the most comparable zoning district which may have been assigned to the existing planned development, require use permit approval.

Requests for planned development district designation may be approved in accord with a conceptual plan of development describing the intended use and intensity of development. However, no building permits shall be issued unless and until specific zoning district classifications, as herein described, are approved and affixed by the council upon the planned development or portion thereof for which such permits are intended. (Ord. 04-91 § 1 (part))

26.02 Application Requirements

Applications for planned development shall specify the intended, underlying zoning district or districts, with the presumption that the nearest similar use regulations or other regulatory provision shall apply except as specifically adjusted for the particular development, such as, but not limited to, reduced lot sizes or setbacks.

The application shall be accompanied by a development plan which shall consist of:

a.    A map or maps drawn to a suitable scale, showing at least the following:

1.    The boundary of the proposed district;

2.    The topographic character of the land;

3.    Drainage accommodations;

4.    Accommodations for all utilities;

5.    Proposed streetscape themes, landscaping plans for common open space and landscape materials palette;

6.    The approximate location of all public streets;

7.    Location of public uses proposed, such as schools, parks, playgrounds, bicycle and equestrian trails, or other recreational facilities;

8.    Where appropriate, the approximate location and configuration of different types or densities of dwelling units;

9.    Where appropriate, said plan shall include recommendations as to desirable or compatible uses in the areas surrounding said development;

10.    Within the planned development, units may be established of any size whatever but shall be logical in size and shape and shall function by themselves and in relationship to other development units within the community or adjacent property.

11.    An agreement to waive claims for diminution in value as set forth in Section 3.07.

b.    A development program including:

1.    A legal description of the district boundary;

2.    Size of the area;

3.    The overall density proposed;

4.    The nature of development proposed;

5.    The disposition of land proposed for public facilities and common open space constituting not less than ten percent of the net site or lot area unless otherwise modified by city council;

6.    A phasing schedule, if the applicant contemplated construction in increments;

7.    The approximate size, in acres, of each development unit;

8.    General landscaping and street tree plan, including attention to efficient water use.

c.    All proposed restrictive covenants.

d.    All conditions agreed to by the applicant which are not included in the written documentation required under subsections a, b, and c of this section are part of the development plan. (Ord. 07-134 § 1 (part); Ord. 04-91 § 1 (part))

26.03 Design Criteria and Development Standards

a.    Design Criteria

The planned development shall observe the following design criteria:

1.    The overall plan shall be comprehensive, embracing land, buildings, landscaping and their interrelationships and shall conform in all respects to all adopted plans of all governmental agencies for the area in which the proposed development is located.

2.    The plan shall provide for adequate open space, circulation including pathway connections, off-street parking, and pertinent amenities. Buildings, structures and facilities in the parcel shall be well integrated, oriented and related to the topographic and natural landscape features of the site.

3.    The proposed development shall be compatible with existing and planned land use, and with circulation patterns on adjoining properties. It shall not constitute a disruptive element to the neighborhood and community.

4.    The internal street system shall not be a dominant feature in the overall design, rather it should be designed for the efficient and safe flow of vehicles without creating a disruptive influence on the activity and function of any common areas and facilities.

5.    Common areas and recreational facilities shall be so located so as to be readily accessible to the occupants of the dwelling units and shall be well related to any common open spaces provided.

6.    Architectural harmony within the development and within the neighborhood and community shall be obtained so far as practicable.

b.    Property Development Standards

1.    All structures or buildings, except detached single-family residences, shall have design review approval.

2.    Any use requiring a use permit must be obtained prior to approval of the PD.

3.    All provisions of the zoning code shall apply to development in the PD district except as specifically permitted in this section.

4.    All structures built within the district shall, as a requirement for a building permit, indicate on the structural plans the manner in which all mechanical equipment is to be screened.

5.    Allowable signage and requirements vary by size of development. (See Sections 35.31 and 35.32) (Ord. 04-91 § 1 (part))

26.04 Property Development Standards Modification Procedure

The application shall be accompanied by written terminology and graphic material, and will illustrate the conditions that the modified standards will produce, so as to enable the commission and the council to make the determination that the modification will produce a living environment, landscape quality and lifestyle superior to that produced by the existing standards.