27B.01    Land Use Definition

27B.02    Use Regulations

27B.03    Property Development Standards


Land Use Definition

Commercial-flex: This category provides areas for commercial centers which provide everyday goods and services for a number of neighborhoods, but also provides for residential uses if certain conditions are met. The community commercial area should be located convenient to several neighborhoods and be accessed by major arterial streets.

All uses permitted in the community commercial district are permitted in compliance with the property development standards set forth in Section 22.

Accessory uses and temporary uses require use permit approval. (Ord. 16-214 § 1 (part))


Use Regulations

A building or premises shall be used only for the purposes as set forth in the city of Litchfield Park zoning matrix (Section 28). (Ord. 16-214 § 1 (part))


Property Development Standards

The requirements of Section 22, Community Commercial (CS) District, shall apply to this district, except as modified below.

a.    Area

The property shall have a minimum area of twelve acres.

b.    Residential Uses

Single-family residential uses are permitted in compliance with the requirements of subsections c and d of this section.

c.    Development Agreement

A development agreement shall be entered into with the city governing the development of the property. The development agreement shall set forth the circumstances under which the property may be used for residential uses. If the circumstances permitting a residential use exist, the property owner shall notify the city and thereafter the use of the property shall be residential in compliance with subsection d of this section and no commercial use shall thereafter be commenced without approval of a rezoning ordinance.

d.    Property Development Standards for Residential Uses

1.    Density

Density shall not exceed five and one-half dwelling units per acre.

2.    Lot Area Per Dwelling Unit

The minimum lot area per dwelling unit shall be six thousand square feet.

3.    Floor Area

Residences shall have a livable floor area of at least one thousand two hundred square feet.

4.    Coverage

The maximum coverage shall be fifty percent of the lot area.

5.    Distance between Buildings

The minimum distance between buildings on the same lot shall be ten feet.

6.    Buffers

Buffer yards, consisting at a minimum of landscaping for the required setback distance, including pathways as appropriate, as approved by the design review board, shall be provided between dissimilar uses or other districts.

7.    Open Space Density Bonus

At least twenty percent of the net site area shall be open space.

8.    Height

The height of all structures shall not exceed the lower of: (A) two stories; (B) thirty-five feet from natural grade through any structure cross-section.

9.    Front Yard

There shall be a front yard having a depth of not less than twenty feet. Where a lot is located at the intersection of two or more streets, there shall be a yard conforming to the front yard requirements on each street side of a corner lot.

10.    Side Yard

There shall be a side yard of at least ten feet, except that on the street side the side yard setback shall be twenty feet unless adjacent to a ten-foot landscape tract, in which case the side yard setback shall be at least ten feet.

11.    Rear Yard

There shall be a rear yard having a depth of not less than twenty feet.

12.    Private Streets

All streets within the project shall be private.

13.    Any exterior lighting shall be directed downward and away from adjacent property in accordance with the city code and this zoning code. See Section 31.15.

14.    Provisions for on-site stormwater retention/drainage and off-site stormwater drainage both entering and leaving the property shall be as required by the city of Litchfield Park and the Maricopa County Flood Control District, the procedures for which shall be approved by the council.

15.    Parking requirements set forth in Section 29 applicable to high medium density residential (R1-6) shall apply.

16.    Requirements for walls, landscaping and fences set forth in Section 30 shall apply.

17.    Signage requirements set forth in Section 35 applicable to high medium density residential (R1-6) shall apply. (Ord. 16-214 § 1 (part))