Chapter 2


Division 1. Administrative Branch

2-1.    Composition of administration branch.

2-2.    City Manager’s Department.

2-3.    City Manager authority for administrative affairs; reports.

2-4.    City Manager authority for the enforcement of ordinances; distribution of work; settlement of claims.

2-5.    Supervision by the City Manager; delegation of authority, and designation of officer during temporary absence or disability.

2-6.    Park rangers appointed by City Manager.

2-7.    City Department Directors.

2-8.    Assistant Department Directors; Division Heads.

2-9.    Department Director duties generally.

2-10.    Additional duties for City Auditor and City Attorney.

2-11.    Interference with City Auditor prohibited.

2-12.    Preservation of records; mutual aid between departments.

2-13.    Office hours.

Division 2. Boards and Commissions and Audit Committee

2-14.    Vacancies on boards and commissions.

2-15.    Audit Committee.

2-16.    Powers and duties of Audit Committee.

Division 3. Budget

2-17.    Fiscal year.

2-18.    Preparation of annual budget.

Division 4. Taxes

2-19.    Annual tax levy.

2-20.    County Officers to assess and collect all real and personal property taxes.

Division 5. Collection of Fees and Charges and Recovery of Costs

2-21.    Fees, charges and prices for special services and materials.

2-22.    Recovery of costs at events requiring response by Police.

2-23.    Cost recovery fee for issuance of dishonored checks; conditions of imposition; procedures; exceptions.

2-24.    Authorizations and terms and conditions of installment agreements.

2-25.    Abatement of collection suits and actions; release of liens; determination of uncollectibility; authority of Finance Director and City Manager; recovery of collection costs. *1

2-26.    Collection of accounts receivable debts owed to the City—Abatement of collection suits and actions; release of liens; determination of uncollectibility; authority of Finance Director and City Manager; recovery of collection costs. *1

Division 6. Special Security Requirements

2-27.    Background checks; fingerprints.

2-28.    Confidentiality of public building and City public works facility plans and specifications.

2-29—2-45.    Reserved.

Article II. City Council

Division 1. Generally

2-46.    Powers vested in Council; composition; election.

2-47.    Manner of exercising powers.

2-48.    Authority as to offices, departments, agencies, boards and commissions.

2-49.    Interference with City Manager prohibited.

2-50.    Appointment of members of agencies, boards and commissions.

2-51.    Removal of board, commission or committee member. *1

2-52.    City of Phoenix ethics and gift policies. *1

2-53.    City of Phoenix Ethics Commission; ethics or gift policy violations by elected officials or board members. +1

2-54.    City of Phoenix nondiscrimination and anti-harassment policy. +1

2-55—2-59.    Reserved.

Division 2. Rules of Council Proceedings

2-60.    Rules of Council proceedings.

Division 3. Reserved

2-61—2-77.    Reserved.

Division 4. Ordinances and Resolutions

2-78.    Reading of ordinances and resolutions; effective date.

2-79.    Emergency measures; limitation.

2-80.    Publication.

2-81.    Franchise ordinances.

Article III. City Court

Division 1. Generally

2-82.    City judge to preside; responsibility.

2-83.    Chief Presiding Judge duties.

2-83.1.    Salaries.

2-84.    City Council duties.

2-85.    Fines, penalties and other fees to be paid periodically to Treasurer.

2-86.    Procedures applicable to City Court.

2-87.    Formation and summoning of juries; jurors’ pay.

2-88.    Number of jurors.

2-89.    City’s right of execution against property.

2-90.    Clerk of the City Court.

2-91.    Judgment on default.

2-92.    Judgments.

2-93.    Appeal.

2-94.    Court Hearing Officers and presiding Court Hearing Officer—Qualifications; term; removal; hearing officers pro tempore; compensation; powers and duties.

2-95.    Seal; affixing of seal; electronic document management system.

2-96.    Judicial Selection Advisory Board—Establishment; membership; powers and duties; operating procedures.

2-97.    Court fees.

2-98.    Court Technology Enhancement Fee; City Court Technology Enhancement Fund.

2-99.    Waiver of service of summons; saving costs of service; request to waive.

2-100.    Home detention and continuous alcohol monitoring.

2-101.    Human trafficking prevention fund. +1

2-102—2-109.    Reserved.

Division 2. Reserved

2-110—2-118.    Reserved.

Article IV. Police Department

Division 1. Generally

2-119.    Director of the Police Department.

2-120.    Organization of divisions and bureaus of Police Department.

2-121.    Fees chargeable for service of process.

2-121.01.    Fees chargeable for criminal background check before transfer of firearm.

2-122.    False and misleading reports to Police.

2-123.    Mandatory retirement ages.

Division 2. Special Police Officers

2-124.    Definitions.

2-125.    Special police officer system established.

2-126.    Purpose of special police officers.

2-127.    Appointment of special police officers by Director of the Police Department.

2-128.    Application blanks.

2-129.    Qualifications of special police officers.

2-130.    Oath of office.

2-131.    Pre-assignment training.

2-132.    Assignment to specified localities and duties.

2-133.    Supervision by Director of the Police Department of duties of special police officers.

2-134.    Compliance with Police Department regulations and acts of the Council.

2-135.    Official status of Special Police Officers.

2-136.    Badge and equipment.

2-137.    Compensation.

2-138.    Dismissal.

2-139.    Honorary appointments prohibited.

2-140.    Reserved.

Division 3. Police Reserve Officers

2-140.1.    Definitions.

2-140.2.    Reserve Police Officer System established.

2-140.3.    Purpose of Reserve Police Officers.

2-140.4.    Appointment of Reserve Police Officers by Director of the Police Department.

2-140.5.    Qualifications for appointment; applications.

2-140.6.    Oath of office.

2-140.7.    Pre-assignment training.

2-140.8.    Assignment to specified duties.

2-140.9.    Supervision by Director of the Police Department.

2-140.10.    Compliance with Police Department regulations and acts of the Council.

2-140.11.    Official status of Reserve Police Officers; compensation.

2-140.12.    Badge and uniform.

2-140.13.    Dismissal.

2-140.14.    Honorary appointments prohibited.

2-140.15.    Relation to other Police Officers.

2-140.16.    Reserved.

Article V. Fire Department

2-141.    Duties of Director.

2-142.    Divisions.

2-143—2-149. Reserved.

Article VI. Public Defender Review Committee

2-150.    Public Defender Review Committee—Creation; composition; term of office; removal from office.

2-151.    Appointment of officers; quorum; adoption of rules; compensation.

2-152.    Powers and duties; court liaison.

2-153, 2-154. Reserved.

Article VII. Human Resources Committee

2-155.    Creation; composition; chairman and secretary.

2-156.    Department heads sitting in advisory capacity.

2-157.    Absence or inability of City Manager.

2-158.    Duties.

2-159.    Use of staff of Human Resources Department.

2-160.    Minutes of meetings.

Article VIII. City Planning Commission

2-161.    Creation; composition; terms of members; vacancies; compensation.

2-162.    Duties.

2-163.    Selection of officers; advisory body; duties of secretary.

Article IX. Development Advisory Board

2-164.    Purpose and formation.

2-165.    Membership and terms of office.

2-166.    Duties and responsibilities of Board.

2-167.    Election of officers.

2-168.    Meeting; quorum.

2-169.    Conflict of interest.

2-170.    Recommendations on ordinance changes.

2-171.    Reserved.

2-172.    Appeals.

2-173.    Court review.

2-174, 2-175. Reserved.

Article X. Assisted Housing Governing Board

2-176.    Assisted Housing Governing Board—Creation; composition; term of office.

2-177.    Assisted Housing Governing Board—Quorum; adoption of rules; compensation.

2-178.    Assisted Housing Governing Board—Powers and duties.

2-179, 2-180. Reserved.

Article XI. Community Development Request For Proposals Review Committee

2-181.    Community Development Request for Proposals (RFP) Review Committee—Creation; purpose; power.

2-182.    Composition of membership.

2-183.    Terms of office.

2-184.    Powers and duties.

2-185, 2-186. Reserved.

Article XII. Public Works Contracts

2-187.    Computation of time under this article.

2-187.01.    Definitions.

2-188.    Protests generally. *1

2-189.    Protest of solicitation. *1

2-190.    Protest of determination and contract award. *1

2-190.1.    Hearing procedures. *1

2-190.2.    Withdrawals. +1

2-190.3.    Protest or withdrawal recommendation. +1

2-190.4.    Solicitation transparency policy. +1

Article XIII. Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture and Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission

2-191.    Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture—Creation; purposes and goals.

2-192.    Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture—Duties.

2-193.    Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission—Creation; composition; term of office.

2-194.    Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission—Appointment of officers; adoption of rules; quorum.

2-195.    Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission—Powers and duties.

2-196.    Arts and Culture Administrator and Staff.

Article XIV. Reserved

2-197—2-200.1. Reserved.

Article XV. City of Phoenix Commission on Housing and Neighborhoods

2-201.    City of Phoenix Commission on Housing and Neighborhoods—Creation; members.

2-202.    City of Phoenix Commission on Housing and Neighborhoods—Term of members; vacancy.

2-203.    City of Phoenix Commission on Housing and Neighborhoods—Compensation of members.

2-204.    City of Phoenix Commission on Housing and Neighborhoods—Officers; adoption of rules; appointment of committees.

2-205.    City of Phoenix Commission on Housing and Neighborhoods—Functions, duties.

Article XVI. Parks and Recreation Board

2-206.    Parks and Recreation Board—Creation; composition; term of office.

2-207.    Parks and Recreation Board—Quorum; adoption of rules; compensation.

2-208.    Parks and Recreation—Powers and duties.

Article XVII. Employer-Employee Relations

Division 1. Meet and Confer

2-209.    Findings and purpose.

2-210.    Definitions.

2-211.    Phoenix Employment Relations Board.

2-212.    Appropriate units.

2-213.    City Council; City management rights.

2-214.    Public employee rights.

2-215.    Scope of memorandum of understanding.

2-216.    Qualifications of employee organizations.

2-217.    Recognition.

2-218.    Meeting and conferring.

2-219.    Resolution of impasses.

2-220.    Unfair employee relations practices.

2-221.    Prohibited practices.

2-222.    Reserved.

Division 2. Supervisory and Professional Meet and Discuss

2-223.    Purpose.

2-224.    Definitions.

2-225.    Appropriate group.

2-226.    Recognition of an employee association; petition; election; runoff election.

2-227.    Public employee rights.

2-228.    Employee association rights.

2-229.    Scope of meeting and discussing.

2-230.    Restrictions on employee association.

2-231.    Meeting and discussing process.

2-232.    Scope of agreement.

2-233.    Failure to reach agreement; procedure.

2-234.    Agreement dispute resolution procedure.

2-235.    Prohibited practices; procedure.

2-236—2-300.    Reserved.

Article XVIII. Disposition of Unclaimed Money and Personal Property

2-301.    Disposition of unclaimed money or personal property; exceptions.

2-302.    Notice of disposition—Contents.

2-303.    Notice of disposition—Service and publication.

2-304.    Claim periods—Owner; finders.

2-305.    Disputed claims.

2-306.    Destruction of unclaimed property.

2-306.01.    Disposition of unclaimed and forfeited firearms.

2-307.    Deposit of unclaimed money.

2-308.    Sale or public use of unclaimed property; unsold property; disposition of funds.

2-309.    Certificate of sale.

2-310.    Affidavits.

2-311.    Records.

2-312.    City personnel prohibited.

2-313—2-400.    Reserved.

Article XIX. Appointment of Board, Commission and Committee Members

2-401.    Four-year terms.

2-402.    Three-year terms.

2-402.01.    Establishing the Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Board (PBWDB), establishing Board membership and terms. *2

2-402.02.    Powers and duties of the Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Board.

2-403.    Vacancies caused by death or resignation.

2-404.    Reserved.

2-405—2-500.    Reserved.

Article XX. Public Transit

2-501.    Public Transit Department.

2-502—2-509.    Reserved.

2-510.    Citizens Transportation Commission purpose; membership; quorum requirements. *1

2-511.    Powers and duties of the Citizens Transportation Commission. *1

2-512—2-600.    Reserved.

Article XXI. Central Phoenix Committee

2-601.    Creation; composition; term of office.

2-602.    Appointment of officers; adoption of rules; quorum.

2-603.    Powers and duties of the Committee.

2-604.    The action plan.

2-605.    Project information.

2-606—2-699.    Reserved.

Article XXII. Percent for Art Funding

2-700.    Percent for art funding.

2-701.    Public Art Project Plan.

2-702.    Placement of Public Art Projects.

2-703—2-800.    Reserved.

Article XXIII. City of Phoenix Environmental Quality and Sustainability Commission

2-801.    Creation; composition. *1

2-802.    Term of members; removal; vacancy. *1

2-803.    Compensation of members. *1

2-804.    Officers; adoption of rules; appointment of committees. *1

2-805.    Powers and duties. *1

Article XXIV. Surface Transportation Advisory Committee

2-806.    Establishment.

2-807.    Membership.

2-808.    Appointment of officers; adoption of rules; quorum.

2-809.    Reserved.

Article XXV. Neighborhood Block Watch Fund Oversight Committee

2-810.    Neighborhood Block Watch Fund Oversight Committee; establishment; powers and duties.

2-811.    Membership.

2-812.    Terms of members; removal; vacancy.

2-813.    Appointment of officers; adoption of rules; quorum.

2-814—2-819.    Reserved.

Article XXVI. Phoenix Youth and Education Commission

2-820.    Phoenix Youth and Education Commission.

2-821.    Definitions.

2-822.    Voting members.

2-823.    Youth members.

2-824—2-899.    Reserved.

Article XXVII. Reserved

2-900—2-903.    Reserved.

2-904—2-909.    Reserved.

Article XXVIII. City Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Board

2-910.    City Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Board—Composition; term.

2-911.    Purpose and project selection criteria.

2-912.    Appointment of officers; adoption of rules; quorum; open meeting law compliance.

2-913—2-919.    Reserved.

Article XXIX. Heritage Commission

2-920.    Heritage Commission; duties.

2-921.    Composition of membership.

2-922.    Terms of office.

2-923.    Annual meeting and public hearings.

2-924—2-999.    Reserved.

Article XXX. Lobbyists

2-1000.    Definitions.

2-1001.    Registration; reports.

2-1001.01.    Disclosure. +1

2-1002.    Exceptions.

2-1003.    Political contributions; reports.

2-1004.    Forms, filing.

2-1005.    Violations; penalty. *1

2-1005.01.    Enforcement of lobbying violations. +1

2-1005.02.    Severability. +1

2-1006—2-1009.    Reserved.

Article XXXI. Military Veteran Affairs Commission

2-1010.    City of Phoenix Military Veteran Affairs Commission—Creation

2-1011.    Term of office, removal, vacancy

2-1012.    Powers and duties.

2-1013.    Adoption of rules and quorum

2-1014—2-1200.    Reserved.

Article XXXII. City of Phoenix Parks and Preserve Initiative Oversight Committee

2-1201.    Creation; purpose.

2-1202.    City of Phoenix Parks and Preserve Initiative Oversight Committee—Composition; term of office.

2-1203.    Appointment of officers; adoption of rules; quorum.

2-1204.    Powers and duties of the Committee.

2-1205—2-1300.    Reserved.

Article XXXIII. Phoenix Substance Abuse Prevention Commission

2-1301.    Phoenix Substance Abuse Prevention Commission.

2-1302.    Term of office, removal, vacancy.

2-1303.    Powers and duties.

2-1304.    Adoption of rules and quorum.

2-1305—2-1399.    Reserved.

Article XXXIV. Parade Agreements

2-1400.    City Manager authorization.

2-1401.    Requirements of the agreement.

2-1402—2-1500.    Reserved.

Article XXXV. Phoenix Employees’ Deferred Compensation Program

2-1501.    Phoenix Employees’ Deferred Compensation Program; purposes and intent; trust.

2-1502.    Definitions.

2-1503.    Phoenix Employees’ Deferred Compensation Board; appointment; terms.

2-1504.    Board powers and duties.

2-1505.    Establishment of trust and fiduciary responsibilities.

2-1506.    Employee participation.

2-1507.    Payroll deductions; administrative procedures.

2-1508.    Effect of participation.

2-1509.    Nonalienation of interest; domestic relations orders.

2-1510.    Termination; amendment.

2-1511—2-1600.    Reserved.

Article XXXVI. Health Care Benefits Trust

2-1601.    Health Care Benefits Trust; Health Care Benefits Trust Fund; purpose.

2-1602.    Definitions.

2-1603.    Board; appointment; terms.

2-1604.    Powers and duties.

2-1605.    Risk Management Consultant or Insurance Administrator; verification.

2-1606.    Termination; amendment.

2-1607.    Non-applicability.

2-1608, 2-1609.    Reserved.

Article XXXVII. West Phoenix Revitalization Community Advisory Board

2-1610.    West Phoenix Revitalization Community Advisory Board—Creation.

2-1611.    Term of office, limits, removal, vacancy.

2-1612.    Powers and duties.

2-1613.    Adoption of rules and quorum.

Article XXXVIII. Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP)

2-1614.    Definitions.

2-1615.    MERP; Trust; Trust Fund; purpose.

2-1616.    Board; appointment; terms.

2-1617.    Powers and duties.

2-1618.    Termination.

Article XXXIX. Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP)

2-1619.    Definitions.

2-1620.    PEHP; Trust; Trust Fund; purpose.

2-1621.    Board; appointment; terms.

2-1622.    Board powers and duties.

2-1623.    Investment responsibilities; indemnification.

2-1624.    Effect of participation.

2-1625.    Termination; amendment.

Article XL. Long Term Disability Program

2-1626.    Definitions.

2-1627.    Oversight.

2-1628.    Trust Fund.

2-1629.    Board; appointment; terms.

2-1630.    Powers and duties.

2-1631.    Risk Management Consultant or Insurance Administrator; verification.

2-1632.    Termination.

2-1633.    Non-applicability.

Article XLI. Complete Streets Advisory Board

2-1634.    Purpose and formation. +1

2-1635.    Membership and terms of office. +1

2-1636.    Duties and responsibilities of Board. +1

2-1637.    Election of officers. +1

2-1638.    Meeting—Quorum. +1

2-1639.    Recommendations on ordinance changes. +1

2-1640.    Termination. +1

Article XLII. The City Services Card/Secondary Municipal Identification Card

2-1700.    Definitions. +1

2-1701.    Issuance and purpose of City services card. +1

2-1702.    Application. +1

2-1703.    Implementation. +1

2-1704.    Fees. +1

2-1705.    Acceptance by City departments. +1

2-1706.    Cardholder’s responsibilities. +1

2-1707.    Suspension and revocation of card. +1

2-1708.    Counterfeit and fraudulent card. +1


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