Chapter 3

3-1.    Definitions.

3-2.    Reserved.

3-3.    Placing commercial and noncommercial handbills on unattended vehicles.

3-4.    Depositing commercial and non-commercial handbills on uninhabited or vacant premises.

3-5.    Prohibiting distribution of handbills at private premises where property posted; criminal penalty; civil sanction.

3-6.    Prohibiting distribution of posters, cards, signs, handbills, placards and other notices generally; criminal penalty; civil sanction.

3-7.    Dropping litter from aircraft.

3-8.    Advertising on streets generally.

3-9.    Exemptions.

3-10.    Reserved.


Cross referenceBusinesses, ch. 10; solid waste, ch. 27; streets and sidewalks, ch. 31; zoning, ch. 41.