Chapter 4

Article I. In General

4-1.    Definitions.

4-2.    Permission to use airport conditional; denial of permission; use of airport property; Phoenix Airport regulations.

4-3.    Minimum standards for leasing of space and conducting of businesses on airport.

4-4.    Written permission required for commercial activities and solicitation at the airport.

4-5.    Licenses.

4-6.    Aircraft storage areas.

4-7.    Payment of charges; delinquent account fee; method of computation.

4-8.    Lease assignments or subleases.

4-9.    Use of landing area, ramp and apron area.

4-10.    Structural and decorative changes.

4-11.    Airport liability.

4-12.    Damages to airport property.

4-13.    Firearms and explosives.

4-14.    Dogs and other animals.

4-15.    Commercial photography.

4-16.    Airport use limited to aviation-related activities.

4-17.    Hold harmless clause.

4-18.    Insurance coverage required.

4-19.    Compliance with airport revenue bonds.

4-20.    Operating locations for scheduled air carriers.

4-21.    Use of shop areas.

4-22.    Airport security fees and badges.

4-23.    Agreements with the United States Government.

4-24—4-29.    Reserved.

Article II. Aircraft Rules

4-30.    Authority to close the airport, prohibit delay or restrict landing and takeoffs.

4-31.    Compliance.

4-32.    Negligent operations prohibited.

4-33.    Landing aircraft requirements.

4-34.    Landing of motorless aircraft prohibited.

4-35.    Aircraft engine ground operations.

4-36.    Practice landings and takeoffs.

4-37.    Clearance of landing runway.

4-38.    Aircraft accidents.

4-39.    Demonstration.

4-40.    Helicopter landing areas.

4-41—4-48.    Reserved.

Article III. Vehicle Operation or Parking and Pedestrian Traffic Regulation

4-49.    Restriction as to operation of vehicles.

4-50.    Loading vehicle or unloading passengers, cargo or equipment.

4-51.    Vehicle parking restrictions.

4-52.    Motor vehicle operating in or on the aircraft movement area.

4-53.    Repair of motor vehicles.

4-54.    Authority to remove vehicles.

4-55.    Soliciting rides.

4-56.    Motor vehicle operation insurance requirements.

4-57.    Adherence to State and local vehicle and pedestrian laws.

4-58.    Parking fees.

4-59—4-66.    Reserved.

Article IV. Commercial Ground Transportation Vehicles Rules and Regulations

4-67.    Definitions.

4-68.    Commercial ground transportation; permit required; application; requirements; expiration. *1

4-69.    Driver’s identification media. *1

4-70.    Process to obtain driver’s identification placard; revocation. *2

4-71.    Vehicle identification; transfer; unlawful display. *1

4-72.    Ground transportation motor vehicle tracking. *1

4-73.    Rules and regulations. *1

4-74.    Compliance. *1

4-75.    Notices of violation; suspension of operating privileges; revocation of operating privileges; effect of revocation. *1

4-76.    Motor vehicle equipment safety violations.

4-77.    Prohibited acts.

4-78.    Fees.

4-79.    Rental car customer facility charge.

4-80.    Penalties.

4-81.    Exemptions.

4-82.    Taxicab operating privileges; taxicab operators. *1

4-83.    Established fare rates for taxicabs. *2

4-84.    Shared ride van; operating privileges. *1

4-85.    Intercity providers. *1

4-86.    Small operator parcel.

4-87—4-93.    Reserved.

Article V. Safety; Environmental; Fueling

4-94.    Fire equipment.

4-95.    Storage and equipment.

4-96.    Abandoning personal property.

4-97.    Fire safety/storage.

4-98.    Entrance into restricted areas.

4-99.    Sanitation/trash containers.

4-100.    Preservation of property.

4-101.    Interfering or tampering with aircraft.

4-102.    Cleaning and maintaining aircraft; written plan.

4-103.    Removal of gas, oil, grease or regulated substances.

4-104.    Endangering persons or property.

4-105.    Smoking.

4-106.    Explosives and other dangerous articles.

4-107.    Reports to environmental agencies.

4-108.    Notification to Aviation Director.

4-109.    Permits and approvals.

4-110.    Waste.

4-111.    Bonding of electrical potential during fuel handling.

4-112.    Storage of fuel trucks and fuel trailers.

4-113.    Motorized equipment.

4-114.    Fueling and defueling aircraft; fueling ground service equipment; flowage fee.

4-115.    Control during emergencies.

4-116.    Compliance with environmental laws.

4-117.    Environmental actions.

4-118—4-126.    Reserved.

Article VI. Conduct at City Airports Requiring A Permit

4-127.    Declaration of intent.

4-128.    Prohibited acts.

4-129.    Peripatetic noncommercial expressive activity.

4-130.    Permit required.

4-131.    Contents of application for permit.

4-132.    Issuance and denial of permits.

4-133.    Multiple applications—Limitations.

4-134.    General restrictions.

4-135.    Revocation or denial of permit.

4-136.    Penalties.

4-137.    Administrative rules and regulations.

4-138.    Newsrack vending machines—Definitions; findings; permit required; locations; type; rental fees; sanctions and appeal; rights.

4-139—4-148.    Reserved.

Article VII. Minimum Standards at Airports

4-149.    Minimum standards established through rules and regulations.

4-150—4-159.    Reserved.

Article VIII. Minimum Standards Fees

4-160.    Minimum standards fees.

4-161—4-171.    Reserved.

Article IX. Rates and Charges

4-172.    Rates and charges.

4-173.    Terminal building space.

4-174.    Airline common use facility fees. *3 *7

4-175.    Explosive detection baggage handling system.

4-176.    Early bag check services. *1

4-177.    Monthly landing reports of companies.

4-178.    Financial security required.

4-179.    Commercial aircraft operator landing fees.

4-180.    Itinerant commercial operator landing/parking fees.

4-181.    Exemptions.

4-182—4-189.    Reserved.

Article X. Aeronautical Commercial Use Permits

4-190.    Commercial use permit requirements; effective date; applicability.

4-191.    Permit required; application; expiration.

4-192.    Commercial use permit fees.

4-193.    Termination of commercial use permit.

4-194.    Termination for cause.

4-195—4-203.    Reserved.

Article XI. General Aviation Aircraft Storage Charges

4-204.    Rates for open and covered tiedowns and T-hangars at City-owned airports.

4-205.    Access cards, fuel handler cards, and gate operating control devices.

4-206—4-214.    Reserved.

Article XII. Phoenix Aviation Advisory Board

4-215.    Creation; composition; term of members; vacancies; quorum; organization; rules; compensation of members.

4-216.    Powers and duties.

4-217—4-235.    Reserved.

Article XIII. Airport Zoning

4-236.    Repealer; saving clause.

4-237.    Short title.

4-238.    Applicability and scope.

4-239.    Airport Zoning Commission.

4-240.    Definitions.

4-241.    Zones.

4-242.    Airport use restrictions.

4-243.    Nonconforming uses.

4-244.    Enforcement.

4-245.    Airport Board of Adjustment.

4-246.    Penalties.

4-247.    Conflicting regulations.


Cross references—Dropping advertisements or other objects from aircraft, § 3-7.

State law references—Aviation, A.R.S. § 28-8201 et seq.; municipal authority relative to airports, A.R.S. § 28-8411 et seq.