Chapter 5B

Article I. Purpose, Findings and Definitions

5B-1.    Purpose and findings.

5B-2.    Definitions.

Article II. License or Franchise to Occupy Rights-of-Way

5B-3.    License or franchise required.

5B-4.    License or franchise application.

5B-5.    License or franchise terms.

5B-6.    Compensation.

5B-7.    Rights-of-way permit.

5B-8—5B-10.    Reserved.

Article III. Location and Relocation of Facilities in Rights-of-Way

5B-11.    Location and relocation of facilities in rights-of-way.

5B-12.    Conflict with City projects.

5B-13.    Damage to City rights-of-way and facilities.

5B-14.    Relocation of facilities and dispute resolution.

Article IV. General Provisions

5B-15.    Rights reserved to City.

5B-16.    City police power; continuing jurisdiction.

5B-17.    Reserved.