Chapter 6

Article I. In General

6-1.    Definitions.

6-2.    Applicability of State law.

6-2.1.    Reserved.

Article II. Permits

6-3.    Requirement and display.

6-4.    Applications and filing.

6-5.    Application fees.

6-6.    Criminal history record information.

6-7.    Taxes.

6-8.    Disposition of taxes.

6-9.    Term of permit; tax payment in advance.

6-10.    Transferability.

6-11.    Issuance.

6-11.1.    Business succession and liability.

Article III. Requirements for Establishments

6-12.    Compliance with other City laws required.

6-13.    Right of reasonable inspection.

6-14.    Special event licenses.

Article IV. Regulation of Erotic Entertainers in Topless Bars

6-15.    Regulation of conduct of erotic entertainers; hours of operation of topless bars.

6-16.    Identification card, provisional identification card, or temporary work authorization required; possession while working; age requirement; defense.

6-17.    Identification card; application; issuance; age restriction.

6-17.01.    Identification card application; additional requirements.

6-18.    Temporary work authorization; licensee qualification; qualification revocation; hearing.

6-19.    Identification card; fee required.

6-20.    Identification card; expiration date.

6-21.    Identification card; duplicate; fee.

6-22.    Identification card; provisional identification card; temporary work authorization; production for inspection.

6-23.    Identification card; information update.

6-24.    Identification card; confidentiality.

6-25.    Identification card cancellation.

6-26.    Identification card; revocation.

6-27.    Premises diagram; licensee reporting.

6-28.    Civil violations.

6-29.    Criminal violations.

6-30.    Consent agreements.

6-31.    Rolling license renewal transition (Deleted).


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State law referenceAlcoholic beverages, A.R.S. § 4-101 et seq.