Chapter 7

Article I. In General

7-1.    Interpretation and purpose.

7-2.    Scope.

7-3.    Definitions.

7-4.    Chapter exclusions; public property; certain dancehalls; nonprofit associations and educational institutions.

7-5.    Compliance; penalties.

7-6.    Amusements to be conducted in lawful manner.

7-7.    Investigation to determine violation; requests for investigation.

Article II. Licenses

7-8.    License requirement.

7-9.    Applications; change in information; change of ownership or control; criminal history.

7-9.01.    Application; additional requirements.

7-10.    Privilege license and use taxes.

7-11.    Reserved.

7-12.    Application; approval and grounds for denial; appeal of denial.

7-13.    Fee schedule; fingerprint fee; proration; inspection of records; penalty for late payment; license expiration; nontransferability.

7-13.1.    License renewal; fee; penalty; denial; appeal.

7-13.2.    Administrative inspections; location.

7-14.    Reserved.

7-15.    Reserved.

7-16.    Reserved.

7-17.    Reserved.

7-18.    Reserved.

7-19.    Display of identification tags and licenses; replacement fee; nontransferability; expiration.

7-20.    Suspension, revocation, termination of license; grounds and procedure; appeal.

7-20.1.    Business succession and liability.

7-20.2.    Consent agreements.

7-20.3.    Civil sanction.

7-20.4.    Jurisdiction of the court.

7-20.5.    Commencement of a civil action.

7-20.6.    Admission or denial of allegation in a civil complaint; hearing; findings of court; civil sanction.

7-20.7.    Appeal of court decision.

Article III. Additional Regulations for Particular Amusements

7-21.    Illumination; ventilation; toilet facilities.

7-22.    Reserved.

7-23.    Reserved.

7-24.    Reserved.

7-25.    Pool halls; attendant; juveniles; hours of operation; security; management; fencing; lighting.

7-26.    Game centers; acts of violence; security.

7-27.    Rides.

7-28.    Coin-operated game machines; concession games; tag applications.

7-28.1.    Coin-operated game machine tags; revocation.

7-28.2.    Concession game tags; revocation.

7-29.    Teenage dancehalls; operation.

7-30.    Reserved.

7-30.1.    Reserved.

7-31.    Reserved.


Cross referenceRecovery of costs at events requiring second response by police, § 2-45.1; alcoholic beverages, ch. 6; businesses, ch. 10; privilege and excise taxes, ch. 14; License Appeal Board, § 19-12 et seq.; minors, ch. 22; gambling, § 23-77 et seq.; tents, ch. 33; zoning ch. 41.

State Law referenceGeneral police power, A.R.S. §§ 9-499.01, 9-240(B)(29).