Chapter 8

Article I. In General

8-1.    Definitions.

8-2.    Barking or howling dogs.

8-3.    Animal cruelty.

8-3.01.    Seizure of animals subjected to cruelty; cost of care.

8-3.02.    Preseizure and postseizure hearings.

8-3.03.    Disposition of seized or impounded animals.

8-3.04.    Home slaughter of livestock.

8-3.05.    Equine tripping or diving.

8-3.06.    Prohibition on sale of dogs or cats. +1

8-3.07.    Live animals as prizes or inducements. +1

8-3.08.    Unlawful restraint of dog. +1

8-3.09.    Animal hoarding; exception. +1

8-4.    Selling, dyeing, or coloring baby chickens, ducklings or young rabbits.

Article II. Keeping and Maintaining

8-5.    Manner of keeping generally.

8-6.    Reptiles or wild animals.

8-7.    Poultry and rodents.

8-7.01.    Unlawful keeping of pigeons; classification.

8-8.    Regulations for keeping within City.

8-9.    Written permission; revocation.

8-10.    Minimum area limitation; nuisance.

Article III. Dogs and Vicious Animals

8-11.    Powers and duties of enforcement agent.

8-12.    License fees for dogs; classification of fees; issuance of dog tags; records; penalties.

8-12.01.    County kennel permit.

8-13.    Rabies control fund.

8-14.    Dogs not permitted at large; wearing licenses; penalties.

8-15.    Establishment of pounds; impounding and disposing of dogs and cats; reclaiming impounded dogs and cats; pound fees.

8-16.    Handling of biting animals; responsibility for reporting animal bites; authority to destroy animals.

8-16.01.    Viciousness determination.

8-16.02.    Disposition of vicious animals.

8-17.    Proper care, maintenance and destruction of impounded animals.

8-18.    Unlawful interference with enforcement agent.

8-19.    Incorporation by reference.

8-20.    Penalties.

Article IV. Confinement of Animals in Motor Vehicles

8-21.    Confining animals.

8-22.    Responsibility of motor vehicle owner.

8-23.    Exceptions.

8-24.    Authority of peace officer or humane officer.

8-25.    Reserved.


Cross reference—Animals on airport property, § 4-14; nuisances and noise, § 23-11 et seq.; offenses against public health, § 23-44 et seq.; disposal of animal waste, § 27-8; zoning, ch. 41.

State Law reference—General authority relative to animals, A.R.S. §§ 9-499.01, 9-240(B)(16); animal control generally, A.R.S. § 11-1001 et seq.