Chapter 10

Article I. Reserved

10-1—10-12.    Reserved.

Article II. Auto Courts

10-13.    Register—Required.

10-14.    Register—Examination by police.

10-15.    Minors.

Article III. Massage Practitioners, Massage Establishment Managers and Massage Establishments

10-16.    Definitions.

10-17.    City Clerk—Duties.

10-18.    Massage therapists; licensing of massage establishments required; exclusions.

10-19.    New license or permit application; fee.

10-20.    Massage establishment license application; contents; separate license; husband and wife; business hours.

10-20.1.    Controlling person and designated agent applications; contents.

10-20.2.    Manager permit application; contents.

10-20.3.    Information update.

10-21.    License and permit application investigation.

10-22.    Massage establishment license; special requirements.

10-23.    Reserved.

10-23.1.    Manager permit; special requirements.

10-23.2.    Applications; additional requirements.

10-24.    Display of license or permit; retention and inspection of records.

10-25.    Change of location.

10-25.1.    Expiration of license or permit; renewal.

10-25.2.    Reserved.

10-25.3.    Other unlawful activities; general penalty.

10-25.4.    Revocation, suspension or nonrenewal of license or permit; grounds.

10-25.5.    Denial, revocation or nonrenewal of license or permit; appeal.

10-25.6.    Reserved.

10-25.7.    Reserved.

10-25.8.    Reserved.

10-26—10-32.    Reserved.

Article IV. Reserved

Article V. Swap Meet Operations

10-33.    Definitions.

10-34.    License required.

10-35.    Display of license; duration and renewal; transfer; proration of fee.

10-36.    Fee schedule.

10-37.    Application—Forms; fees; issuance.

10-37.01.    Application; additional requirements.

10-38.    Processing by City departments.

10-39.    Revocation or suspension of license; appeal.

10-40.    Owner or operator duties; records inspection and retention.

10-41.    Report of swap meet participants; swap meet participant duties.

10-41.1.    Failure to provide information by swap meet participant; consequences.

10-42.    Trading area.

10-43.    Exemptions.

10-44.    Reserved.


10-45—10-50.    Reserved.


10-51—10-58.    Reserved.

Article VIII. Motion Pictures or Television Productions

10-59.    Definitions.

10-60.    Permits and exemptions.

10-61.    Requirements and duties; rules.

10-62.    Applications and issuance.

10-63.    Bonds and insurance.

10-64.    Fees.

10-65.    Hearings.

Article IX. Alarm Systems

10-66.    Applicability.

10-67.    Definitions.

10-68.    Phoenix Police and Fire Department responsibilities.

10-69.    Alarm business duties.

10-70.    Alarm subscriber’s duties.

10-71.    Proprietor alarm responsibilities.

10-72.    License required; administration; duration; duplicate license.

10-72.1.    Types of licenses; reciprocity.

10-72.2.    Alarm business license applications; contents.

10-72.3.    Alarm agent license applications.

10-72.4.    Fees; display of licenses.

10-72.5.    Renewal of license.

10-72.6.    Issuance; grounds for denial.

10-73.    Suspension or revocation; grounds.

10-73.1.    Suspension or revocation procedure; hearing.

10-73.2.    Review and appeals.

10-73.3.    Application after denial or revocation of license.

10-73.4.    Termination and cancellation of license; notice.

10-74.    Reserved.

10-75.    Warning notice.

10-76.    Police review of false alarms.

10-76.01.    False alarm prevention program.

10-77.    Appeal procedures.

10-78.    Alarm systems operation prohibitions.

10-79.    Grace period.

10-80.    Regulations.

10-81.    Prohibition of automatic or prerecorded messages or signals directly to the City of Phoenix; exception.

10-81.01.    Reserved.

10-82.    Reserved.

10-83.    Background investigation; fingerprints.

10-84.    Vision obscuring devices and alarm systems; requirements and responsibilities.

10-85.    False activation of vision obscuring device or alarm system; assessments; permit revocation.

10-86.    Confidentiality.

10-86.01.    Alarm subscriber permits.

10-86.02.    Reserved.

Article X. Escorts and Escort Bureaus

10-87.    Definitions.

10-88.    Nonprofit corporation or organization exemptions.

10-89.    Escort bureau, license required; adult cabaret exception.

10-89.1.    Escorts; identification card issuance; revocation; appeal; information update.

10-90.    License and identification card term; nontransferability.

10-91.    Application for escort bureau license; contents; required fees.

10-91.01.    Application; additional requirements.

10-92.    Escorts, unlawful to work as.

10-93.    Escort identification card; possession and display.

10-94.    Escort bureau duties.

10-94.A.    Advertising without a license.

10-95.    Information update.

10-96.    Underage clients prohibited; exception.

10-97.    Renewal of licenses.

10-98.    Fees.

10-99.    Revocation of license, grounds and procedure; appeal.

10-99.1.    Voluntary termination of license.

10-100.    Applicability of regulations to existing businesses.

10-101.    Effective date.

10-102—10-120.    Reserved.

Article XI. Reserved

10-121—10-130.    Reserved.

Article XII. Sexually Oriented Businesses

10-131.    Definitions.

10-132.    Classification.

10-133.    License, permit, or identification card required.

10-134.    Issuance of license.

10-134.01.    Issuance of manager’s permit.

10-134.02.    Issuance of adult cabaret performer identification card; fee required; change in information; revocation.

10-134.03.    Temporary work authorization; licensee qualification; qualification revocation; hearing.

10-134.04.    Applications; additional requirements.

10-135.    Fees.

10-136.    Inspection.

10-137.    Expiration of license and permit; voluntary termination of license or permit; effect of license renewal on suspension or revocation.

10-138.    Suspension.

10-139.    Revocation of license.

10-139.01.    Revocation of permit.

10-140.    Hearing; judicial review; consent agreements; stay of enforcement.

10-141.    Transfer of license; limitation on number of licenses in operation; hours of operation.

10-142.    Additional regulations for adult motels.

10-143.    Regulations pertaining to exhibition of sexually explicit films or videos.

10-144.    Loitering and exterior lighting and monitoring requirements.

10-145.    Penalties and enforcement; civil sanctions for adult cabaret performers and other employees.

10-146.    Injunction.

10-147.    Applicability of ordinance to existing businesses.

10-148.    Regulations pertaining to sexually oriented businesses featuring nudity or live performances.

10-149.    Reserved.

Article XIII. Pawnbroker Transaction Fee

10-150.    Definitions.

10-151.    Imposition of fee.

10-152.    Reporting and payment of fee.

10-153.    Violations and penalties.

10-154.    Jurisdiction of Court.

10-155.    Commencement of a civil action.

10-156.    Admission or denial of allegation; hearing; findings of court; civil sanction.

10-157.    Appeal of court decision.

10-158, 10-159.    Reserved.

Article XIV. Mobile Vending

10-160.    Definitions.

10-161.    Mobile vending on private property; mobile vendor license required; manager for each site required; designated agent required; name used; display of privilege license tax number required.

10-162.    Application fee; license fee; duration; renewal.

10-163.    License applications; display; transfer; information update.

10-163.01.    Application; additional requirements.

10-164.    License revocation, suspension, denial; procedure; appeal.

10-165.    Consent agreements.

10-166.    Mobile vending operations on private property; restrictions.

10-167.    Mobile food vendors; exemptions; restrictions.

10-168.    Reserved.

10-169.    Exemptions.

10-170.    Enforcement independent of other officials.

10-171.    Violations and penalties.

10-172.    Jurisdiction of Court.

10-173.    Commencement of civil action.

10-174.    Appeal of City Court decision.

Article XV. Structured Sober Living Homes

10-175.    Definitions. +1

10-176.    License required. +1

10-177.    Owner application. +1

10-178.    Manager application. +1

10-179.    Minimum operation and supervision standards. +1

10-180.    Issuance of a structured sober living home license and structured sober living home manager license; reasonable accommodation. +1

10-181.    Fees. +1

10-182.    Inspection. +1

10-183.    Criminal history review; fingerprints. +1

10-184.    Expiration of license; renewal. +1

10-185.    Suspension. +1

10-186.    Revocation. +1

10-187.    Consent agreement. +1

10-188.    Hearing; judicial review. +1

10-189.    Transfer of license. +1

10-190.    Penalties and enforcement. +1

10-191.    Injunction. +1

10-192.    Applicability of article to existing businesses. +1


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