Chapter 10A

10A-1.    Definitions.

10A-2.    Director’s authority.

10A-3.    Use agreement rules. *1

10A-4.    Use agreement rates. *1

10A-5.    Deposits.

10A-6.    Cancellations.

10A-7.    Exclusive contractual services.

10A-8.    Merchandise sales. +1

10A-9.    Parking rates. +1


Editor's note—Ord. No. G-4675, § 1, adopted February 16, 2005, effective March 18. 2005, repealed Ch. 10A in its entirety, with the exception of Section 10A-5. Section 2 (Attachment A) of said ordinance adopted a new Ch. 10A to read as herein set out. Formerly said chapter pertained to Civic Plaza and derived from Ord. No. G-3066 and Ord. No. G-3161.

Subsequently, Ord. No. F-4872, §§ 4-13, adopted Mar. 7, 2007, eff. Apr. 6, 2007, amended Ch. 10A, in its entirety to read as herein set out.

Cross reference—Administration, ch. 2; Community and Economic Development Department, § 2-33; trespassing on Civic Center property, § 23-85.