Chapter 12

Article I. Definitions.

12-1.    Definitions; applicability.

Article II. Registration of Voters

12-100.    Election Registrar.

12-101.    Qualifications of electors.

12-102.    Use of Maricopa County Registration Rolls; City of Phoenix Register of Voters; City of Phoenix Inactive Voter List.

12-103.    Change of residence from one address to another.

12-104.    Fee for registration or for certificate.

12-105.    Updating the City of Phoenix Register of Voters; use of the City of Phoenix Register of Voters and the City of Phoenix Inactive Voter List at voting centers.

12-106.    Close of registration.

12-107.    Eligibility to vote.

Article III. Conduct of Elections

Division 1. General Provisions

12-200.    Notice of election.

12-201.    Proclamation of election.

12-202.    Authorized voting systems.

12-203.    Instruction to voters.

12-204.    Voter identification.

12-205.    Voting Center Signature Roster.

12-206.    Voting center procedures.

12-207.    Notice of right to vote a provisional ballot.

12-208.    Recorder certificate of eligibility to vote; procedure for voting and processing provisional ballots.

12-209.    Notice to voters.

12-210.    Candidates’ representatives; challengers.

12-211.    Grounds for challenging voter.

12-212.    Procedure for challenging voters.

12-213.    Reading rules to challenged voter.

12-214.    Rules of residence.

12-215.    Computing term of residence.

12-216.    Record of challenged voters.

12-217.    Soliciting or contributing to campaign funds; membership in political organization; political activity. *1

12-218.    Influencing vote of City officer or employee.

12-219.    Advisory polls.

12-220.    Prohibited acts; penalties.

Division 2. Electronic Voting

12-300.    Specifications of electronic voting system.

12-301.    Applicability of state laws to City elections.

12-302.    Arizona Secretary of State Official Election Procedures Manual.

12-303.    Filing of computer programs with the Secretary of State.

12-304.    Required testing of equipment and programs; notice.

12-305.    Write-in votes; instructions.

12-306.    Vote tabulating equipment and accessible voting devices to remain sealed against voting after election.

Division 3. Ballots and Supplies

12-400.    Supplies to be furnished by Council.

12-401.    Rotation of candidate names.

12-402.    Duty to prepare and provide ballots; ballots and instructions to voters to be printed, delivered, and distributed at public expense.

12-403.    Publicity pamphlet; sample ballot. *2

12-404.    Official ballots.

12-405.    Delivery of ballots to Election Boards; ballot security.

12-406.    Substitute ballots.

Division 4. Voting Centers

12-500.    Designation of voting centers.

12-501.    Appointment of Election Boards and Clerks.

12-502.    Authority of Inspector; administering oaths.

12-503.    Instruction of Election Boards; certificate of qualification.

12-504.    Oaths of Election Boards and Clerks.

12-505.    Compensation of Election Boards and Clerks.

12-506.    Voting days and hours; proclamation of opening and closing of the polls at voting centers; voting after the polls close.

12-507.    Persons authorized.

12-508.    Requirements for voting booths; ballot boxes.

12-509.    Safeguarding of ballot box.

12-510.    Reserved.

12-511.    Electioneering prohibited; notice.

12-512.    Displaying United States Flag at voting centers.

12-513.    Inaccessible voting centers; accessible voting locations.

Division 5. Ballot Processing at the Voting Centers

12-600.    Ballot processing in public and without adjournment.

12-601.    Removal of ballots from ballot box; ballots to be checked against voting center signature roster; disposition of ballots folded together; attesting of Voting Center Signature Roster.

12-602.    Marking rejected ballots; return of rejected ballots.

12-603.    Disposition of voted ballots; preparation of the ballot report; delivery of official and unofficial returns to the City Clerk.

12-604.    Disposition of returns and ballots.

12-605.    Returns not to be rejected due to failure of form.

Division 6. Ballot Tabulation.

12-700.    Proceedings at the counting center.

12-701.    Certain votes and ballots not to be counted; overvotes.

12-702.    Manual count procedures.

Article IV. Canvassing of Votes

12-800.    Canvass of election returns by Council.

12-801.    Declaration of result.

12-802.    Certificate of election.

Article V. Early Voting and Mail Ballot Elections

Division 1. Early Voting

12-900.    Early voting in City elections.

12-901.    Official early ballot.

12-902.    Permanent early voting list; notice; mailing of ballots.

12-903.    Request for early ballot; delivery of early ballot to early voter.

12-904.    Official early ballot affidavit.

12-905.    Spoiled early ballot.

12-906.    Return of official early ballot to City Clerk.

12-907.    Early voting locations.

12-908.    Duties of City Clerk upon receiving early ballots.

12-909.    Early Ballot Board.

12-910.    Reserved.

12-911.    Early ballot processing.

12-912.    Challenging early ballots.

12-913.    Meeting to resolve early ballot challenge; notice.

12-914.    Procedure at meeting to resolve early ballot challenge; disposition of challenged early ballot; finality of Board’s decision.

Division 2. Mail Ballot Elections

12-1000.    Designation of mail ballot elections.

12-1001.    Mail ballot election procedures.

12-1002.    Mail ballot election sites.

12-1003.    Mail ballot deposited with a Maricopa County Election Board.

Article VI. Petitions—Nomination, Initiative, Referendum

Division 1. Nomination

12-1100.    Form of nomination petitions.

12-1101.    Signing and circulating the petition.

12-1102.    Filing of nomination papers.

12-1103.    Filing of nomination papers for write-in candidates.

12-1104.    Nomination for recall elections.

Division 2. Initiative

12-1200.    Procedure for filing initiative petitions.

12-1201.    Certification by City Clerk.

12-1202.    Initiative petition amendment.

Division 3. Referendum

12-1300.    Procedure for filing referendum petitions.

12-1301.    Certification by City Clerk.

12-1302.    Referendum petition amendment.

Article VII. Financial Disclosure; Campaign Finance

Division 1. Financial Disclosure

12-1400.    Financial disclosure definitions.

12-1401.    Duty to file financial disclosure statement; contents of disclosure statement.

12-1402.    Financial disclosure statement; unlawful conduct.

Division 2. Campaign Finance

12-1500.    State law to govern campaign finance.

12-1501.    Additional provisions.

12-1502.    Voluntary contribution/expenditure limitations; affidavit.

12-1503.    Personal use of campaign funds prohibited.

Article VIII. Council Districts

12-1600.    Council districts, establishment.

12-1601.    Apportionment.

12-1602.    District boundaries.

Article IX. Concurrent Elections

12-1700.    Concurrent use of polling places.

12-1701.    Concurrent election procedures; election officials.

12-1702.    Election officials at the concurrent election polling places.


Editor’s note—Ord. No. G-5390, § 1, adopted June 17, 2009, effective January 4, 2010, amended Chapter 12 in its entirety to read as herein set out. Formerly, Chapter 12 pertained to similar subject matter and derived from Ord. No. G-3358, § 1; and subsequent amendatory ordinances. See the Code Comparative Table for a detailed analysis of subsequent amendatory ordinances.

Charter references—Nomination and election of officers, ch. XII; elections generally, ch. XIII; special elections, ch. XIV.

Cross references—Administration, ch. 2; City Council, § 2-46 et seq.