Chapter 13

Article I. City Monies and Bonds

13-1.    Deposit of City monies.

13-2.    Investment of City monies.

13-3.    Ownership of registered City bonds; names of owners as not public information; agreements with registrars and transfer agents; exceptions allowing release of information.

13-3.1.    Declarations of official intent with respect to reimbursements from note and bond proceeds of advances made for capital expenditures; definitions; authorizations; inspection.

Article II. Business Succession and Personal Liability Law

13-4.    Applicability.

13-5.    Definitions.

13-6.    Voluntary succession; creation of lien; transferred liability; continued liability.

13-7.    Involuntary business succession; creation of lien.

13-8.    Recording of lien.

13-9.    Release of lien; substitution of security.

13-10.    Release of tax liability data.

13-11.    Personal liability; cessation of business; lien.

13-12.    Extent of liability; limitations thereof; delay of transfer for audit; audit request; effect of audit.

13-13.    Change of business entity form.

13-14, 13-15.    Reserved.

Article III. Revocable License for Temporary Use of Unimproved Real Property

13-16.    Authority, application, and administration.

13-17.    License fees.


Charter referenceFinance and taxation, ch. XVIII.

Cross referenceAdministration, ch. 2; Finance Department, § 2-19; Budget and Research Department, § 2-20; City Auditor Department, § 2-21; fiscal year, § 2-41; preparation of annual budget, § 2-42; fee for issuance of dishonored check to City, § 2-45.2; installment agreements for payment of obligations due City, § 2-45.3; abatement of collection suits and actions, §§ 2-45.4, 2-45.5; privilege and excise taxes, ch. 14; risk management, ch. 42.