Chapter 18

Article I. In General

18-1.    Declaration of policy.

18-2.    Administrative provisions.

18-3.    Definitions.

18-4.    Prohibited acts.

18-5.    Filing of complaint; initiation of action; notice to parties; findings; mediation or conciliation; subpoena power; conciliation agreements; jurisdiction.

18-6.    Refusal to cooperate; failure to conciliate.

18-7.    Penalties.

18-8.    Conciliation agreement violations.

18-9.    Construction of chapter.

18-9.01.    Effect of State and federal laws.

18-9.02.    Severability.

Article II. Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination

18-10.01.    City employment.

18-10.02.    City services.

18-10.03.    Enforcement.

Article III. Fair Housing

18-11.    Declaration of policy.

18-11.01.    Definitions.

18-11.02.    Discrimination due to familial status.

18-11.03.    Exempt sales and rentals.

18-11.04.    Religious organization and private club exemption.

18-11.05.    Housing for older persons exempted; definition; rules.

18-11.06.    Appraisal exemption.

18-11.07.    Effect on other law.

18-11.08.    Administration by Director.

18-11.09.    Rules.

18-11.10.    Complaints.

18-11.11.    Reports; studies.

18-11.12.    Cooperation with other entities.

18-11.13.    Subpoenas; discovery.

18-11.14.    Right to examine and copy evidence; summoning witnesses and documents and taking testimony; right to counsel, court aid; process; service and return; fees of witnesses.

18-11.15.    Cooperation with other agencies.

18-11.16.    Discrimination in sale or rental.

18-11.17.    Publication of sales or rentals.

18-11.18.    Inspection of dwelling.

18-11.19.    Entry into neighborhood.

18-11.20.    Prohibition of intimidation.

18-11.21.    Discrimination due to disability; definition. *1

18-11.22.    Residential real estate related transaction; definition.

18-11.23.    Brokerage services.

18-11.24.    Complaints.

18-11.25.    Answer to complaint.

18-11.26.    Investigation.

18-11.27.    Additional or substitute respondent.

18-11.28.    Conciliation.

18-11.29.    Temporary or preliminary relief.

18-11.30.    Investigative reports.

18-11.31.    Reasonable cause determination.

18-11.32.    Dismissal of complaint.

18-11.33.    Civil action.

18-11.34.    Court-appointed attorney.

18-11.35.    Relief granted.

18-11.36.    Civil action by City Attorney.

18-11.37.    Pattern or practice cases.

18-11.38.    Prevailing party; fees and costs.

18-11.39.    Effective date (Deleted). -1

Article IV. City Construction Contractors’ Equal Employment Opportunity Requirement

18-12.    Declaration of policy.

18-13.    Definitions.

18-14.    Exemption—Dollar amount.

18-15.    Requirements of contractors.

18-16.    Failure of contractor to comply.

18-17.    Administrative responsibility.

Article V. Supplier’s and Lessee’s Equal Employment Opportunity Requirements

18-18.    Declaration of policy.

18-19.    Definitions.

18-20.    Exemptions.

18-21.    Requirements of suppliers and lessees.

18-22.    Failure of suppliers or lessees to comply.

18-23.    Administrative responsibility.

18-24—18-99.    Reserved.

Article VI. The Small Business Enterprise Participation Program

18-100.    Rationale and adoption of findings.

18-101.    Definitions.

18-102.    Statement of policy.

18-103.    Duties of the City Manager for the implementation of SBE Participation Program in City construction contracting.

18-104.    Project SBE participation goals.

18-105.    Bidder’s requirements regarding submission of an SBE Utilization Plan.

18-106.    Small Business Enterprise Subcontracting Goals Oversight Committee

18-107.    Review of bid submission and SBE Plan.

18-108.    SBE Participation Clause.

18-109.    Maintenance of SBE records and reports by contractors.

18-110.    Failure to meet SBE participation goals.

18-111.    Failure of SBE to comply with program requirements.

18-112.    Repeal; exemptions; sunset; severability.

18-113—18-199.    Reserved.

Article VII. The Small Business Enterprise Procurement Program

18-200.    Rationale and adoption of findings.

18-201.    Definitions.

18-202.    Statement of policy.

18-203.    Duties of City Manager to SBE Procurement Program.

18-204.    SBE Reserve Contract Program for goods, supplies and general services.

18-205.    Conflicts; exemptions; sunset; severability;

18-206—18-299.    Reserved.

Article VIII. Certification of Small Business Enterprises

18-300.    Definitions.

18-301.    City Manager authority.

18-302.    Small Business Enterprise certification.

18-303.    Appeals.

18-304.    Reserved.

Article IX. Boards and Commissions

18-305.    City of Phoenix Women’s Commission—Creation; purpose. *1

18-306.    City of Phoenix Women’s Commission—Composition; term of office.

18-307.    Appointment of officers; adoption of rules; quorum.

18-308.    Powers and duties of the Commission.

18-309—18-319.    Reserved.

18-320.    Mayor’s Commission on Disability Issues—Creation; purpose. +1

18-321.    Mayor’s Commission on Disability Issues—Composition; team of office. +1

18-322.    Appointment of officers; adoption of rules; quorum. +1

18-323.    Powers and duties of the Commission. +1

18-324—18-399.    Reserved.

Article X. Registered Domestic Partnerships

18-400.    Purpose.

18-401.    Definition; domestic partnership.

18-402.    Declaration of domestic partnership; filing location; prohibition.

18-403.    Domestic partnerships; termination; effective date; notice to third parties; failure to give notice.

18-404.    City Clerk Department records and registration; fee.

18-405.    Rights of domestic partners; health care visitation.

18-406.    Legal effect of declaration of domestic partnership.


Editor’s note—Ordinance G-5444 adopted Oct. 21, 2009, effective Nov. 20, 2009, repealed and replaced Chap. 2, Article 1 in its entirety. Section 3 of the ordinance corrected department names and changed the Personnel Dept. to the Human Resources Dept. and the titles of staff have changed accordingly. Only the names have changed; there were no changes to the functions of the Department or staff. Section 4 makes these changes effective in all rules, regulations, policies or procedures.

Charter reference—Personnel system, ch. XXV.

Cross reference—Administration, ch. 2; Equal Opportunity Department, § 2-34.01.

State Law reference—Civil rights, A.R.S. § 41-1401 et seq.