Chapter 19

Article I. In General

19-1.    Definitions.

19-2.    Compliance with departmental regulations (Deleted).

19-3.    License required.

19-3.01.    Exemptions from licensing requirements.

19-4.    Display of license; duration and renewal; late renewal; proration of fee.

19-5.    Schedule of fees.

19-6.    Applications.

19-6.01.    Applications; additional requirements.

19-7.    Applications—Statement of applicant’s availability at premises (Deleted).

19-8.    Applications—Processing and approval by departments (Deleted).

19-8.01.    Applications; criminal history record information review.

19-8.02.    Change of location.

19-8.03.    Change of controlling person or designated agent.

19-8.04.    Change of information.

19-9.    Revocation of license.

19-10.    Suspension of license.

19-10.1.    Consent agreements.

19-10.2.    Penalties and enforcement; civil sanctions.

19-10.3.    Jurisdiction of court.

19-10.4.    Commencement of a civil action.

19-10.5.    Admission or denial of allegation in a civil complaint; hearing; findings of court; civil sanction.

19-10.6.    Appeal of court decision.

19-11.    Reserved.

19-11.1.    Reserved.

19-11.2.    Reserved.

19-11.3.    (Renumbered to Sec. 19-80).

19-11.4.    Business succession and liability (Deleted).

Article II. License Appeal Board

19-12.    Creation; membership; terms; duties.

19-13.    Appeals procedure.

19-14.    Hearing by Board.

19-15.    Notice of denial, nonrenewal, revocation or suspension—When final.

19-16.    Penalty.

19-17—19-19.    Reserved.

Article III. Disposition of Allegedly Stolen Property

19-20.    Scope.

19-21.    Property included.

19-22.    Initiation of petition.

19-23.    Service of the petition; notice of hearing.

19-24.    Claimant’s rights.

19-25.    Conduct of hearing.

19-26.    Hearing continuance.

19-27.    Judicial review.

19-28.    Hearing officer.

19-29.    Release of seized property.

19-30.    Release of unseized adjudicated property.

19-31.    Limited effect of hearing officer decision.

Article IV. Auction Houses and Secondhand Dealers

19-40.    Report of transaction; transmittal; retention.

19-41.    Property holding period; condition; off-site storage.

19-42.    Reporting and holding period exemptions.

19-43.    Reporting of items sold (Deleted).

19-44.    Copy of Code; provision upon request.

19-45.    Abandoned property.

19-46.    Premises open to inspection.

19-47.    Strict liability.

19-48.    License suspension; limitation.

19-49.    License suspension; employment restriction.

19-50.    Non-profit organizations (Deleted).

19-51.    Transaction fee.

19-52—19-59.    Reserved.

Article V. Scrap Metal Dealers

19-60.    Report of transaction; transmittal; retention.

19-61.    Property holding period; condition.

19-62.    Series of purchases; limitation.

19-63.    Reporting requirement.

19-64.    Property holding period; condition.

19-65.    Payment by check or money order.

19-66.    Receipt required; exception.

19-67.    Cash transaction limitation; exception.

19-68.    Seller age limitation; exception.

19-69.    Purchase of burnt metallic wire; prohibition; exception.

19-70.    Aluminum and copper wire purchase limitations.

19-71.    Industrial account and scrap metal dealer exceptions.

19-72.    Prohibited scrap metal transactions; exceptions.

19-73.    Mental state for civil enforcement action.

19-74.    Copy of scrap metal dealer article.

19-75.    Abandoned property.

19-76.    Premises open for reasonable inspection.

19-77.    Penalty for failing to keep, produce or retain required record; other violations; Class 1 misdemeanor.

19-78.    License suspension.

19-79.    Non-profit organization.

Article VI. Police Holds

19-80.    Police officer hold on property.


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