Chapter 23

Article I. Offenses Against Public Peace

Division 1. In General

23-1.    Assault and battery—Defined.

23-2.    Assault and battery—Prohibited; permissible violence; degree of force permitted.

23-3.    Disturbing the peace.

23-4.    Disturbing assemblies.

23-5.    Disturbing religious worship.

23-6.    Drunk and disorderly.

23-7.    Aggressive solicitation in public areas; soliciting near banks, automated teller machines, on public transportation vehicles, at bus stops, or between sunset and sunrise.

23-8.    Loitering.

23-9.    Obstructing streets, sidewalks, or other public grounds, or free use of property by injurious, indecent or offensive acts.

23-10.    Picketing; loud or unusual conduct or noise.

23-10.1.    Impeding access to health care facilities.

Division 2. Nuisances and Noise

23-11.    Nuisances.

23-12.    Creation of unreasonably loud and disturbing noises prohibited.

23-13.    Noises detrimental to life and health or public peace and welfare prohibited.

23-14.    Enumeration of loud, disturbing and unnecessary noises; enumeration not exclusive.

23-15.    Exemptions.

23-16.    Reserved.

23-17.    Hospitals, quiet required.

23-17.1.    Mining, posting of notices.

Article II. Offenses Against Public Safety

Division 1. Interfering with Police Functions

23-18.    Police—Obstructing, resisting or opposing.

23-18.01.    Reserved.

23-19.    Police—Sounding police or similar whistles.

23-20.    Police—Impersonating.

23-21.    Wearing badges or insignia of officials.

23-21.1.    Police line regulation.

Division 2. Prisoners

23-22.    Escaping from jail; fraudulent payment of bail.

23-23.    Aiding to escape.

23-24.    Releasing before completion of sentence.

Division 3. Obstructing Streets, Sidewalks, and Other Public Places

23-25.    Building material on streets and sidewalks.

23-26.    Excavations in the streets; lighting at night.

23-27.    Tampering with barricades and lanterns.

23-28.    Throwing nails, broken glass, and other objects on streets, sidewalks, or other public places.

23-29.    Sweeping sidewalks.

23-30.    Camping.

23-31.    Barbed or brush fences; temporary construction security fences. *1

23-32.    Encroachment of trees, shrubs or bushes prohibited; penalty.

23-33.    Escape of water prohibited.

23-34.    Reserved.

23-35.    Railroads—Stopping trains at intersections.

23-36.    Railroads—Trains not to block streets.

23-37.    Railroads—Use of steam locomotives.

Division 4. Burglary Tools, Weapons and Firearms

23-38.    Burglary tools.

23-39.    Brass knuckles, blackjacks, slung shots, and billys.

23-40.    Concealed weapons.

23-41.    "Firearm" defined.

23-42.    Discharging firearms, BB guns and sling shots prohibited; exceptions.

23-43.    Unlawful to make, possess or dispose of a fire bomb; penalties; exceptions.

23-44.    Reserved.

Division 5. Consumer Fireworks

23-44.1.    Definitions.

23-44.2.    Fireworks prohibited; exceptions; penalty.

23-44.3.    Sale of fireworks.

23-44.4.    Posting of signs by persons engaged in the sale of fireworks; penalty.

23-44.5.    Authority to enforce violations of this article; means of enforcement.

23-44.6.    Penalty.

Article III. Offenses Against Public Health

23-45—23-47.1.    Reserved.

23-47.2.    Reserved.

23-47.3.    Dumping forbidden as misdemeanor.

23-48.    Prohibited public activities.

23-48.01.    Prohibited use of public right-of-way.

23-49.    Smoking on buses prohibited.

23-50.    Burial of the dead.

23-51.    Use of glue, solvents and vapors restricted; sale and place of keeping of glue restricted; recording of sales required; certain acts prohibited; penalty.

23-51.1.    Vapor releasing substances containing toxic substances; definition; sale of such substances; certain acts prohibited; penalty.

23-51.2.    Sale of products containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.

23-51.3.    Reporting sales of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine products.

Article IV. Offenses Involving Morals

Division 1. Prostitution and Fornication

23-52.    Prostitution, soliciting an act of prostitution and related offenses.

23-53.    Prostitutes—Solicitation.

23-54.    Findings; definitions; live sex act businesses prohibited.

23-55.    Impoundment of vehicles used for purposes of prostitution.

23-56.    Impoundment of vehicles used for purposes of prostitution; procedures.

23-56.01.    Early release of vehicle.

23-56.02.    Administrative charges.

23-57.    Use of taxicabs for immoral purposes.

Division 2. Disorderly Houses

23-58.    Disorderly houses—Keeping of.

23-59.    Disorderly houses—Inmates.

23-60.    Disorderly houses—Loitering in.

23-61.    Disorderly houses—Owners.

Division 3. Miscellaneous Sex Offenses

23-62.    Molesting children.

23-63.    Reserved.

23-64.    Reserved.

Division 4. Indecent Conduct

23-65.    Public sexual activity.

23-66.    Solicitation of public exposure; exemption.

23-67.    Obscene live public performance.

23-68.    Persons performing, or serving spirituous liquors or food—Indecent exposure.

23-69.    Persons performing, or serving spirituous liquors or food—Indecent exposure—Liability of owners and operators of establishments.

23-70.    Reserved.

23-70.1.    Public display of explicit sexual material offensive to others.

23-70.2.    Permitting minors to enter premises wherein there is displayed explicit sexual material which is offensive to others.

Division 5. Obscenity

23-71.    Vulgar language and obscene songs.

23-72.    Obscene literature.

23-72.1.    Reserved.

Division 6. Reserved

23-73—23-76.    Reserved.

Division 7. Frauds and Gambling

23-77.    Frauds and lotteries.

23-78.    Gambling—Prohibited.

23-79.    Gambling—Slot machines and other devices.

23-80.    Gambling—Paraphernalia.

23-81.    Gambling—Confiscation of money.

23-82.    Games of chance—Minors forbidden to play.

23-82.1.    Wagering on results of sporting events.

Article V. Offenses Against Property

23-83.    Defacing public property.

23-84.    Destruction of private property.

23-85.    Trespassing on Phoenix Convention Center Department property.

23-85.01.    Criminal trespass.

Article VI. Miscellaneous

23-86.    Bootblacks—Permit required; fee.

23-87.    Bootblacks—Authority of Chief of Police; revocation of permit.

23-88.    Reserved.

23-89.    Railroads—Unused tickets.

23-90.    Receiving property from minors.

23-91.    Tattooing of minors.

23-92.    Pawnshop hours of operation.

23-93—23-99.    Reserved.

Article VII. Shielding and Filtering Outdoor Lighting

23-100.    Outdoor lighting.

Article VIII. Reserved

Article IX. Smoking Pollution Control Ordinance

23-101.    Title.

23-102.    Purpose of article.

23-103.    Definitions.

23-104.    Regulation of smoking in City-owned public places.

23-105.    Regulation of smoking in enclosed public places.

23-106.    Regulation of smoking in places of employment.

23-107.    Retaliation.

23-108.    Smoking—Optional areas.

23-109.    Posting.

23-110.    Reserved.

Article X. Alcoholic Beverages—Warning Signs

23-111.    Signs—Dangers of consuming alcoholic beverages during pregnancy.

23-112—23-119.    Reserved.

Article XI. Pedicabs

23-120.    Definitions.

23-121.    Fares.

23-122.    Pedicab lighting and reflectors.

23-123.    Pedicab brakes.

23-124.    Pedicab mirrors.

23-125.    Pedicab trailer; limitation on number.

23-126.    Pedicab width.

23-127.    Pedicab condition.

23-128.    Pedicab operation.

23-129.    Driver license requirement; possession; display; exception.

23-130.    Pedicab insurance.

23-131.    Change of information.

23-132.    Pedicab tag requirement; unlawful acts.

23-133.    Pedicab tag application; inspection; denial; appeal.

23-134.    Pedicab inspection; duplicate tag; fees.

23-135.    Pedicab inspection tags; revocation.

23-136.    Civil violations.

23-137.    Criminal violations.

23-138, 23-139.    Reserved.

Article XII. Door-To-Door Soliciting

23-140.    Definitions.

23-141.    Hours of operation.

23-142.    Identification document required; display.

23-143.    Conduct.

23-144.    Penalties.


Cross reference—Theft of cable television service, § 5-78; alcoholic beverages, ch. 6; minors, ch. 22; offenses against public peace, public safety and property in parks and mountain preserves, § 24-31 et seq.; cruising, § 36-57.01.