23-42 Discharging firearms, BB guns and sling shots prohibited; exceptions.

It shall be a misdemeanor for any person to negligently or purposely discharge any firearm, BB gun or sling shot within the City, except:

(a)    In necessary self defense.

(b)    A law enforcement officer in necessary performance of his duty.

(c)    For the purpose of target shooting or practice on a range operated by qualified personnel. Qualified personnel shall consist of either a certified firearms safety instructor, rifle or pistol marksmanship instructor certified by the National Rifle Association, or person designated by a rifle or pistol club, public or private school or military agency.

(d)    For the purpose of target shooting on private premises with air, spring or CO2 operated BB, pellet guns or slingshots, providing:

(1)    The target area is enclosed in such manner and with materials that will stop the projectiles.

(2)    Such target shooting is supervised by an adult at all times.

(3)    Any safety precautions recommended by the Chief of Police are complied with.

(e)    In an area recommended as a hunting area by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission and approved by the Chief of Police. Such area must be posted as required by the Chief of Police and may be closed at any time by the Chief of Police or the Director of the Game Department.

(f)    Where a permit is issued by the Chief of Police.

(g)    In defense of property from damage by animals or birds, providing property owner obtains permit from Arizona Game Department or United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the taking of such animals or birds is properly supervised by the Game Department or the Fish and Wildlife Service or a person designated by either of those agencies to assure the safety of surrounding property owners.

(Code 1962, § 27-17)

State law referenceDischarge of firearms, A.R.S. § 13-3107.