Chapter 24

Article I. Public Swimming Pools

24-1—24-21.    Reserved.

24-22.    Pollution of swimming pools prohibited.

24-23.    Restrictions on after-hour swimming.

24-24—24-26.    Reserved.

24-27—24-30.    Reserved.

Article II. Offenses Against Public Peace, Public Safety and Property in Parks and Mountain Preserves

Division 1. General Provisions

24-31.    Definitions.

24-32—24-35.    Reserved.

Division 2. Miscellaneous Offenses

24-36.    Entering park areas closed to public use.

24-37.    Vandalism in a park.

24-38.    Spiritous liquor in parks.

24-39.    Glass containers in parks.

24-40.    Prohibition of commercial sales activities in public parks.

24-41.    Emergency park closure; restrictions.

24-42.    Restrictions on smoking and fires in parks and mountain preserve areas.

24-43.    Prohibition of wheeled devices in public parks.

24-44.    Discharge of firearms in parks; exceptions; classification.

24-45.    Reserved.

24-46.    Golfing.

24-47.    Horses, mules and other pack animals.

24-48.    Water activities: bathing, swimming or wading; boating; ice or water sliding; fishing.

24-49.    Operation of remotely controlled aircraft, unmanned aircraft vehicles and unmanned aircraft systems. *1

24-49.1.    Model rockets.

24-50.    Tennis courts.

24-51.    Operation and parking of vehicles in parks; posting and exemptions; penalties.

24-52.    Littering.

24-53.    Public address systems.

24-54.    Order to leave park; unlawful failure to comply.


Charter reference—Parks and Recreation Board, ch. XXIII.

Cross reference—Parks and Recreation Department, § 2-30; park rangers, § 2-30.1; Parks and Recreation Board, § 2-206 et seq.; Parks and Preserve Initiative Oversight Committee, § 2-1201 et seq.; loitering in parks, playgrounds or recreational areas during hours of closure, § 23-8; camping in certain places prohibited, § 23-30; street vending in or near public parks, § 31-24.

State Law reference—Parks authorized, A.R.S. §§ 9-494, 11-932.