26-4 Library Advisory Board—Duties and responsibilities.

(a)    The Library Advisory Board shall be, and is hereby vested with advisory authority only in all matters relating to the Phoenix library system, i.e., the Phoenix Public Library and any and all branches thereof.

(b)    The Board shall inform and advise the City Council on matters of public interest and need in relation to the resources and services of the library system.

(c)    The Board shall meet regularly with the Library Director to receive administrative reports on the operation and public use of the library system, as well as administrative reports on studies and appraisals relating to future change and development of the library system, and shall advise the Library Director on the public’s needs and interests in relation to these matters.

(d)    The members of the Board shall annually elect a chairman and vice-chairman from their membership, and may adopt such rules for the proper operation of said Board as they deem expedient which shall be consistent with the Arizona State Constitution, with Arizona Statutes, and with the Charter and ordinances of the City of Phoenix.

(Code 1962, § 30-4; Ord. No. G-1202, § 1; Ord. No. G-1459, § 1)