Chapter 28

Article I. General

28-1.    Definitions.

28-2.    Water Services Department—Administration.

28-3.    Water Services Department—Duties—Water Services Director.

28-4.    Interference with the Water Services Department; digging up streets without a permit; tampering with equipment prohibited.

28-5.    Property owner responsible for cleaning, repair and replacement of building sewers and connections.

28-5.1.    Sewer service line repair and replacement in the public right-of-way.

Article II. Use of Public Sewers and Limitations

28-6.    Unsanitary disposal of excrement prohibited.

28-7.    Treatment of polluted wastes required.

28-8.    General user requirements.

28-9.    Authority of Director to establish prohibitions and effluent limitations.

28-9.1.    Authority of Director to require best management practices.

28-10.    Preliminary treatment—Required approval.

28-11.    Preliminary treatment—Maintenance of facilities.

28-12.    Interceptors—Required.

28-13.    Interceptors—Type; capacity; location.

28-14.    Interceptors—Construction of grease and oil interceptors.

28-15.    Interceptors—Maintenance.

28-16.    Control manholes.

28-17.    Right of entry for inspection.

28-18.    Discharges to be reported.

28-19.    Tests and analyses.

28-20.    Reserved.

Article III. Sewer Extensions

28-21.    Approval by City Engineer and Director required.

28-22.    Construction and ownership of public sewer lines and other equipment maintained by Water Services Department.

28-23.    Sewer main extension policy for areas beyond present City trunk lines; establishment of a repayment program.

28-24.    Sewer extensions in advance of a sewer assessment district.

28-25.    Private sewerage systems—Construction and maintenance within City prohibited generally.

28-26.    Private sewerage systems—When permitted; to be constructed and maintained in sanitary manner.

Article IV. Connections to Public Sewers and Charges

28-27.    Permit required.

28-28.    Application for sewer tap; sewer dye test.

28-29.    Planning and Development Director to approve design, quantity, location, size and construction of sewer services.

28-30.    Special provisions for installing sewer taps in new subdivisions and developments.

28-31.    Records to be kept by Water Services Department.

28-32.    Installation of sewer taps.

28-33.    Reserved.

Article V. Sewer Service Charges

28-34.    Method of developing sewer service charges.

28-35.    Determination of sewage quantity.

28-36.    Determination of wastewater quality.

28-37.    Other user charge provisions.

28-38.    Other sewer service charges.

28-39.    Sewer service rates and charges within and without the City. *4

28-40.    Reserved.

28-41.    Payment of bills and charges.

28-41.1.    Application for service.

28-41.2.    Financial responsibility deposits.

28-41.3.    Errors in sewer fees. +1

28-42.    Reserved.

28-43.    Distribution of sewerage system revenues and utilization of funds.

Article VI. Industrial User and Pretreatment Requirements

28-44.    General industrial user requirements.

28-45.    Significant industrial user requirements.

28-45.1.    Special discharges.

28-46.    Authority of the Director.

28-46.1.    Permit appeals process.

28-47.    Confidential information.

28-48—28-52.    Reserved.

Article VII. Accidental Discharge

28-53.    Permittee provides protection.

28-54.    Permittee shall notify City of accidental discharge.

28-55.    Permittee will notify employees.

28-56.    Permittee shall label potential accidental discharge points.

Article VIII. Citizens’ Wastewater Rate Advisory Committee

28-57.    Citizens’ Wastewater Rate Advisory Committee—Composition; appointment.

28-58.    Citizens’ Wastewater Rate Advisory Committee—Functions and purposes.

28-59—28-70.    Reserved.

Article IX. Reserved

28-71—28-80.1.    Reserved.

Article X. Enforcement

28-81.    Enforcement of chapter.

28-82.    Criminal penalty.

28-83.    Civil penalty.

28-84.    Remedies.

28-85—28-89.    Reserved.

Article XI. Sewer Environmental Charge

28-90.    Definitions for article XI.

28-91.    Purpose of sewer environmental charge.

28-92.    Sewer environmental rate.

28-93.    Payment of bills and charges.

28-94.    Utilization of environmental charge revenues.


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