Chapter 31

Article I. In General

31-1.    Duties of Street Transportation Director generally.

31-2.    Superintendent of Streets—Office created.

31-3.    Superintendent of Streets—Street Transportation Director as Superintendent of Streets.

31-4.    Superintendent of Streets—Delegation of authority.

31-5.    Reserved.

31-6.    Repair or repaving of streets; alternative plans, methods or specifications.

31-7.    Digging ditches across streets.

31-8.    Reserved.

31-9.    Building material on streets and sidewalks; right-of-way encroachments prohibited.

31-10.    Removal of debris, rubbish, weeds, overgrown or dead vegetation, and other unhealthy or unsafe conditions on streets, alleys and sidewalks; notice to abate; penalties.

31-11.    Goods, merchandise, or other wares on streets and sidewalks.

31-12.    Reserved.

31-13.    Obstructing visibility at intersections.

31-14.    House and building numbers to be displayed.

31-15.    Reserved.

31-16.    Street improvement revolving fund—Creation; assets generally.

31-17.    Street improvement revolving fund—Transfer of funds.

31-18.    Street improvement revolving fund—Expenditures.

31-19.    Street improvement revolving fund—Account of anticipated reimbursement; deficits.

31-20.    Liability of City for damages or injuries arising out of defective or obstructive highways or sidewalks.

31-21.    "Street Classification Map" adopted.

Article II. Street and Sidewalk Vending

31-22.    Definitions.

31-23.    Street vending—License required; license display; exemptions.

31-24.    Street vending—Restrictions.

31-24.1.    Street vending—Food; special restrictions.

31-24.2.    Street vending; sporting event vending.

31-25.    Sidewalk vending prohibited; license agreements.

31-26.    City Manager authorization.

31-27.    Reserved.

31-28.    Reserved.

31-29.    License applications; display; transfer; information update.

31-29.1.    Applications; additional requirements.

31-30.    Licensee license fees.

31-31.    License and identification card duration; renewal.

31-32.    License issuance; revocation, suspension; denial; procedure; appeal; consent agreement.

31-32.1.    Reserved.

31-33.    Reserved.

31-34.    Business succession and liability.

Article III. Construction or Removal Generally

31-35.    Permit—Required; approved by Planning and Development Director.

31-36.    Permit—Application.

31-37.    Permit—Bond.

31-38.    Permit fee and plan review fees.

31-38.1.    Waiver of fees.

31-38.2.    Street name sign installation fee.

31-39.    Permit—Qualifications of applicant.

31-40.    Permit—Indemnity provision and insurance required.

31-41.    Engineering and inspection service of City—Generally; notice to Planning and Development Department prior to construction.

31-42.    Engineering and inspection service of City—Refund of applicant’s deposit; when allowed.

31-43.    Driveways—Rules and regulations generally.

31-44.    Driveways—Duty of Street Transportation and Planning and Development Director.

31-45.    Variances from driveway and alley standards and alley access requirements.

31-46.    Reserved.

31-47.    Parking lot construction; use of physical barriers for angular parking.

31-48.    Time and manner in which all work shall be done.

31-49.    Restoration of street pavement, curb, gutter and sidewalk.

31-49.1.    Duty of person to repair street; cuts in new street pavement.

31-49.2.    Liability of person repairing street for defective repair.

Article IV. Sidewalk Construction and Improvement

Division 1. Generally

31-50.    Grades generally; duty of Street Transportation Director.

31-51.    Official specifications—Generally.

31-52.    Official specifications—Street Transportation Director to furnish.

31-53.    Tree line.

Division 2. Repair

31-54.    Duties of abutting property owners.

31-55.    Liability of abutting property owners for defective sidewalk.

31-56.    Procedure for repairing sidewalks generally.

31-57.    Repair of sidewalks by City upon failure of abutting property owners.

31-58.    Service of notice on abutting property owners.

Division 3. Construction

31-59.    Resolution of City Council to construct.

31-60.    Notice to abutting property owners.

31-61.    Duty of abutting property owners; construction by City.

31-62.    Construction contracts awarded by City.

Article V. Abandonment of Public Rights-of-Way

31-63.    Definitions.

31-64.    Disposition of unnecessary public roadways; application to other public uses; sale to abutting owners; vacation with title vesting in abutting owner.

31-64.1.    Access to public road.

31-65.    Reservation of easements.

31-66.    Resolution of disposition; effective when recorded.

31-67.    Extinguishment of easements.

31-68.    Abandonment of roadways or utility easements—Application and filing generally; exception.

31-69.    Abandonment of roadways or utility easements and waiver of federal patent land right-of-way; application and filing; fees.

31-70.    Abandonment of roadways or utility easements—Application and filing; submission by Development Services Department to certain City agencies before approval or disapproval and establishment of a hearing officer and review process; exception.

31-70.1.    Federal patent land—Application for waiver of City’s interest; requests for exchanges and dispositions.

Article VI. Acceptance of Deposits for Improvement Districts

31-71.    Deposit of funds.

31-72.    Funds refundable; acceptance of funds.

31-73.    Applicability.

31-74.    Adoption of regulations.

31-75—31-79.    Reserved.

Article VII. Temporary Use of Right-of-Way

31-80.    Authority and administration.

31-81.    Application and other related fees.

31-82.    Modification or waiver of fee.

31-83.    Failure to pay.

31-84.    Special application processing.

31-85.    Revocable dockless bike share permit. +1

31-86.    Revocable dockless bike share system permit required. +1

31-87—31-89.    Reserved.

Article VIII. Off-Site Improvement Requirements

31-90.    Scope of article.

31-91.    Street dedication and improvement requirements.

31-92.    Modifications.

31-93—31-99.    Reserved.

Article IX. Street Improvements Before Development

31-100.    Definitions.

31-101.    Street improvements—Assessment policy.

31-102.    Street improvements—Assessment procedure.

31-103—31-109.    Reserved.

Article X. Address Street Painting

31-110.    Purpose and intent; curbs as including driveways.

31-111.    Definitions.

31-112.    License required.

31-113.    License application; maintenance; copies; denial.

31-113.01.    Application; additional requirements.

31-114.    License fee; application fee.

31-115.    Expiration of license; renewal; destruction of old license and copies; nontransferability.

31-116.    Duties of licensees.

31-117.    Curb painting requirements.

31-118.    Termination of license.

31-119.    Reserved.

Article XI. Private Streets

31-120.    Fee schedule.

Article XII. Violations and Penalties

31-121.    Violations and penalties.

31-122.    Jurisdiction of Court.

31-123.    Commencement of Civil Action.

31-124.    Admission or denial of allegation; hearing; findings of Court; Civil Sanction.

31-125—31-199.    Reserved.

Article XIII. Right-of-Way Management Program

31-200.    Authority and administration; adoption of Traffic Barricade Manual; definitions.

31-201.    Temporary traffic control device installation and removal certification.

31-202.    Temporary traffic control device removal only certification.

31-203.    Temporary traffic control certification rejection, suspension or termination.

31-204.    Traffic Barricade Manual violations; Civil Sanctions.

31-205.    Appeal of certification rejection, suspension or termination.

31-206.    Civil Action for Right-of-Way Management Program violations and penalties.

31-207.    Jurisdiction of Court.

31-208.    Admission or denial of allegation; hearing; findings of Court; Civil Sanction.


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