Chapter 32

Article I. General

32-1.    Short title.

32-2.    Purpose and intent.

32-3.    Definitions.

32-4.    Duties of Planning and Development Department; division of property.

32-5.    Exemptions from Chapter 32, Subdivisions.

Article II. Platting Procedures

Division 1. Pre-Application

32-6.    Actions by the subdivider.

32-7.    Actions by the Department.

32-8.    Development master plan.

Division 2. Preliminary Plat

32-9.    Zoning.

32-10.    Sanitary sewerage and water supply.

32-11.    Development review (DR).

32-12.    Preliminary plat submission.

32-13.    Preliminary plat review.

32-14.    Preliminary plat approval.

32-15.    Significance of preliminary approval.

Division 3. Final Plat

32-16.    Zoning.

32-17.    Easements.

32-18.    Final plat preparation.

32-19.    Final plat submission.

32-20.    Final plat review.

32-21.    Final plat approval.

32-22.    Administrative changes to recorded plat.

Article III. Subdivision Plat Requirements, Design Principles and Development Standards

32-23.    Information required for preliminary plat submittal.

32-24.    Information required for final plat submittal.

32-25.    Design principles and development standards in general.

32-26.    Street location and arrangement.

32-27.    Street design.

32-28.    Block design.

32-29.    Lot planning.

32-30.    Easement planning.

32-31.    Street naming.

32-32.    Hillside development area.

32-33.    Street and utility improvement requirements.

32-34.    Approval of engineering plans.

32-35.    Schedule of improvement requirements.

Article IV. Approvals and Appeals

32-36.    Approval by the City Council.

32-37.    Necessity for completion of improvements.

32-38.    Cash or surety.

32-39.    Appeals.

32-40.    Technical appeals.

32-41.    Design development appeals.

32-42.    Modifications.

32-43.    Prohibition against circumvention of ordinance.


Editor's noteThe chapter supersedes the provisions of the "Subdivision Ordinance of the City of Phoenix," Ord. No. G-477, adopted August 4, 1962, as amended.

As set out in the 1969 Code, art. II of this chapter consisted of divs. I—III. For purposes of conformity, as part of the 2001 Republication, divs. I—III of art. II were redesignated as divs. 1—3. References in the text to such provisions have been changed to reflect the redesignation.

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