Chapter 32A

32A-1.    Purpose.

32A-2.    Scope.

32A-3.    Enforcement.

32A-4.    Minor variances.

32A-5.    Appeals.

32A-6.    Permits required and exceptions.

32A-7.    Hazardous conditions.

32A-8.    Definitions.

32A-9.    Permit requirements.

32A-10.    Permit limitations and conditions.

32A-11.    Denial of permit.

32A-12.    Grading permit fees and plan review fees.

32A-13.    Necessity for completion of grading before occupation of building.

32A-14.    Design standards for cuts.

32A-15.    Design standards for fills.

32A-16.    Design standards for setbacks.

32A-17.    Design standards for drainage.

32A-18.    Grading, inspections and supervision.

32A-19.    Safety precautions.

32A-20.    Responsibility of permittee.

32A-21.    Modification of approved plan.

32A-22.    Completion of work.

32A-23.    Adoption of City of Phoenix Stormwater Policies and Standards Manual. *1

32A-24.    Design standards for on-site retention of stormwater.

32A-25.    Reserved.

32A-26.    Hillside lots/mountain preserves.

32A-27.    Violations and penalties.

32A-28.    Jurisdiction of court.

32A-29.    Commencement of civil action.

32A-30.    Admission or denial of allegation; hearing; findings of court; civil sanction.


Cross referenceDevelopment Advisory Board, § 2-164 et seq.; building regulations, ch. 9; subdivisions, ch. 32; development of hillside areas, § 32-32; floodplains, ch. 32B; stormwater quality protection, ch. 32C; Planning and Development Department fee schedule, app. A.2.