Chapter 32B

Article I. Authorization and Purpose

32B-1.    Authorization and findings.

32B-2.    Purpose.

32B-3.    Methods of reducing flood losses.

32B-4.    Implementation.

Article II. Definitions

32B-5.    Definitions.

Article III. General Provisions

32B-6.    Lands to which this chapter applies.

32B-7.    Basis for establishing the areas of special flood hazard.

32B-8.    Compliance.

32B-9.    Abrogation and greater restrictions.

32B-10.    Disclaimer of liability.

32B-11.    Statutory exceptions.

32B-12.    Unlawful acts.

32B-13.    Declaration of public nuisance.

32B-14.    Abatement of violations.

32B-15.    Enforcement.

32B-16.    Severability.

Article IV. Administration

32B-17.    Designation of the Floodplain Administrator.

32B-18.    Duties and responsibilities of the Floodplain Administrator.

32B-19.    Establishment of development permit.

Article V. Provisions for Flood Hazard Reduction

32B-20.    Standards of construction.

32B-21.    Standards for storage of materials and equipment.

32B-22.    Standards for utilities.

32B-23.    Additional development standards, including subdivisions.

32B-24.    Standards for manufactured homes.

32B-25.    Standards for recreational vehicles.

32B-26.    Floodways.

Article VI. Variance Procedure

32B-27.    Nature of variances.

32B-28.    Appeal Board.

32B-29.    Conditions for variances.


Cross referenceDevelopment Advisory Board, § 2-164 et seq.; building regulations, ch. 9; subdivisions, ch. 32; grading and drainage, ch. 32A.

State Law referenceFloodplain management, A.R.S. § 48-3601 et seq.; municipal floodplain management programs, A.R.S. § 48-3610.