Chapter 34

34-1.    Petition of property owners.

34-2.    Resolution of intention by City Council—Required; contents.

34-3.    Resolution of intention by City Council—Publication and posting of notice.

34-4.    Resolution of intention by City Council—Protests to be in writing; hearing of protests; finality of decision by City Council.

34-5.    Acquisition of jurisdiction by City Council; final order.

34-6.    Diagrams to be prepared by Street Transportation Director.

34-7.    Performance of work under supervision of Superintendent of Streets.

34-8.    Account and statement of costs.

34-9.    Assessment of costs—Preparation; contents.

34-10.    Assessment of costs—Hearing; notice.

34-11.    Assessment of costs—Appeals; confirmation.

34-12.    Assessment of costs—Recordation by City Assessor; assessments to constitute lien.

34-13.    Abandonment—Petition, notice and hearing.

34-14.    Determination of kind and variety of trees and vegetation to be planted.

34-15.    Cutting, trimming or removal of trees and vegetation.


Cross referenceEncroachment of trees or shrubs on public right-of-way or easement, § 23-32; trees or shrubs interfering with access by solid waste collectors, § 27-42; streets and sidewalks, ch. 31; maintenance of land abutting street or sidewalk, § 31-10; obstructing visibility at intersections, § 31-13; neighborhood preservation, ch. 39; zoning, ch. 41.

State Law referenceAuthority to plant trees along streets, A.R.S. §§ 9-499.01, 9-276(A)(1).