Chapter 36

Article I. Definitions

36-1.    Definitions.

Article II. Traffic Administration

Division 1. Police Department

36-2.    Authority.

36-3.    Traffic direction.

36-4.    Traffic accident investigations and reports; accident investigators.

36-5.    Driver’s accident record.

36-6.    Towing service.

36-6.1.    Towing—Notice to police.

36-7.    Immobilizing and impounding of vehicles.

36-8.    Immobilized and impounded vehicles—Release.

36-8.1.    Impounded vehicles—Record.

36-8.2.    Trade of forfeited vehicles.

36-9.    Other impounded property.

36-9.1.    Procedure generally.

36-9.2.    Storage, notice, fees.

36-9.3.    Sale of impounded property.

36-9.4.    Custody and summary disposal.

36-10.    Parking violations.

Division 2. City Traffic Engineer

36-11.    Authority.

36-12.    Experimental traffic control.

36-13.    Crosswalks.

36-14.    Safety zones.

36-15.    Traffic lanes.

36-16.    Intersection directional indicators.

36-17.    Restricted turn signs.

36-18.    One-way street and alley signs.

36-19.    Restriction of direction of movement on streets during certain periods.

36-20.    Temporary traffic movement.

36-21.    Stop signs at through streets.

36-22.    Other intersections where stop or yield required.

36-23.    Pedestrian control devices.

36-24.    Angle parking.

36-25.    Parking signs required.

36-26.    Stopping, standing or parking near hazardous or congested places.

36-27.    Curb markings.

36-28.    Public carrier stops and stands.

36-29.    Restrictions upon use of streets.

36-30.    Parking meters.

36-31.    Parking meter information.

36-31.1.    Fee schedule for use of parking meters.

36-31.2.    Scheduled use of metered parking permit and fees.

36-32.    Reserved.

Division 3. City Court

36-33.    Authority and responsibility.

36-34.    Traffic complaint forms.

36-35.    Records.

36-36.    Complaint file.

36-37.    Copies of court record—Fees for copies and mailing.

36-38.    Traffic Violations Bureau.

36-39.    Traffic violations—Payment of fines; court appearances.

36-40.    Traffic violations—Notification of registered owner.

36-40.1.    Designation of civil traffic offenses.

36-40.2.    Authority to detain persons to serve civil traffic complaint.

Division 4. Fire Department

36-41.    Authority and responsibility.

Article III. Speed Regulations

36-42.    Speed limits—Generally.

36-43.    Speed limit—Alleys.

36-44.    Speed limit—Private emergency vehicles.

Article IV. Turning Movements

36-45.    Turning at intersections.

36-46.    Required or prohibited turns.

36-47.    U-turns.

36-48.    Circular green light and arrow.

36-49.    Single green arrow.

36-50.    Movements across solid yellow lines.

36-51.    Movements across raised traffic islands or medians.

Article V. One-Way Streets and Alleys

36-52.    Permanent one-way streets and alleys.

36-53.    Reversible lanes.

36-54.    Temporary markings.

Article VI. Stop and Yield Intersections and Through Streets

36-55.    Emerging from alleys, driveways or buildings.

36-56.    Traffic regulation for private emergency vehicles.

Article VII. Miscellaneous Traffic and Vehicle Regulations

Division 1. Moving Regulations

36-57.    Obstructing traffic.

36-57.01.    Cruising.

36-57.02.    Residential traffic control areas.

36-58.    Avoiding traffic regulations.

36-59.    Refusal to obey officer.

36-60.    Backing onto major or collector streets.

36-61.    Use of alleys as thoroughfares.

36-62.    Operation of vehicles on vacant lots.

36-63.    Operation of vehicles on sidewalks.

36-64.    Motorized skateboard and motorized play vehicle; prohibitions; disclosure requirements.

36-65.    Following emergency vehicles.

36-66.    Vehicles in motion.

36-67.    Portions of vehicles not intended for passengers.

36-68.    Improper operation of vehicle.

36-69.    Unnecessary vehicle noise.

36-70.    Door of vehicle as traffic obstruction.

Division 2. Non-Moving Regulations

36-71.    Permission to close streets, highways and alleys.

36-71.01.    Closing of streets and alleys by the City.

36-72.    Blowing horns or signaling devices.

36-73.    Loudspeakers or amplifiers in or on vehicles.

36-74.    Red dots [lights] or sirens on vehicles.

36-75.    Use of red light and siren by private emergency vehicle.

36-76.    Restrictions on use of red lights and siren by private emergency vehicles.

36-76.01.    Use of personal digital assistants while driving; prohibited; exceptions.

Division 3. Parades And Processions

36-77.    Permission by Director of the Police Department.

36-78.    Identification.

36-79.    Impeding other traffic.

36-80.    Vehicles not part of authorized procession.

36-81.    Location and timing.

Article VIII. Trucks and Trailers

Division 1. In General

36-82.    Scope and jurisdiction; definition.

36-83.    Exemption.

36-84.    Major streets; local streets.

36-85.    Traffic zones.

36-86.    Permissible routes.

36-87.    Use of Traffic Zone I.

36-88.01.    Use of Traffic Zone II.

36-88.02.    Use of Central Avenue.

36-88.03.    Exceptions to route and traffic zone restrictions.

36-88.04.    Definition; gross weight of trucks and load; curfew.

36-88.05.    Permits for movement of overdimensional vehicles.

36-88.06.    Liability for damage.

36-88.07.    Hauling fill or excavation; permit; fee and cleanup bond; load leaks.

36-88.08.    Penalties.

36-88.09.    Disturbing the public peace and welfare; penalty.

Division 2. Special Restrictions for Vehicles Carrying Flammable Liquids

36-89.    Reserved.

36-90.    Traffic Zone I—When may deliver.

36-91.    Operation on truck routes.

36-92.    Use of other than major streets.

36-93.    Obstructions.

36-94.    Deliveries of flammable liquids.

36-95.    Conforming cargo tanks.

36-96.    Reserved.

Article IX. Bicycles

Division 1. In General

36-97.    Definitions.

36-98.    License requirement.

36-99.    License—Duration; transferability.

36-100.    License—Application; specially constructed or reconstructed bicycles.

36-101.    License fee.

36-102.    Number plates—Issuance; return.

36-103.    Number plates—Display.

36-104.    Number plates—Duplicates.

36-105.    Number plates—Transferability.

36-106.    Transfer of ownership.

36-107.    Numbering.

Division 2. Operation

36-108.    Speed limit.

36-109.    Turning movement and pedestrian regulations.

36-110.    Yielding right-of-way.

36-111.    Reserved.

36-112.    Obedience to signs.

36-113.    Pedestrian right-of-way.

36-114.    Parking of bicycles.

36-115.    Unauthorized use.

36-116.    Applicability of vehicle laws.

36-117.    Applicability of pedestrian laws.

Division 3. Abandoned Bicycles

36-118.    Disposition of abandoned bicycles.

36-119.    Notice of disposition—Contents.

36-120.    Notice of disposition—Service and publication.

36-121.    Claim periods—Owners; finders.

36-122.    Sale—Disposition of funds.

36-123.    Sale—Claimants.

36-124.    Certificate of sale.

36-125.    Affidavits.

36-126.    Records.

36-127.    City personnel prohibited.

Article X. Pedestrian Regulations

36-128.    Crossing or stopping in a roadway. *1

36-129.    Railroad and bridge gates.

36-130.    Circular green light and arrow.

36-131.    Single green arrow.

36-131.01.    Soliciting employment, business or contributions.

Article XI. Standing, Stopping and Parking Regulations

Division 1. General Parking

36-132.    Applicability.

36-133.    Presumption in reference to illegal parking; joint registration.

36-134.    Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places.

36-135.    Stopping, standing or parking outside of business or residence district.

36-136.    Parking so as to impede traffic.

36-137.    Parking in alley.

36-138.    Parking for display or working on vehicle.

36-139.    Parking in, on, or adjacent to median dividers.

36-140.    Parking trucks and trailers and certain other vehicles on residential streets.

36-141.    Reserved.

36-142.    Parallel parking.

36-143.    Angle parking.

36-144.    Parking in driveway or on private property; tow truck operators.

36-145.    Parking on non-dust-free lots.

36-146.    Time limit.

36-147.    Forty-eight hours continuous parking.

36-148.    Parking in conformance with Zoning Ordinance; lot registration and posting; proof; and penalty and sanction.

36-149.    Restricted parking areas for the physically disabled; identification; sanctions.

36-149.01.    Wheelchair curb access ramps.

36-150.    Parking with emergency brake set.

36-151.    Parking less than thirty minutes.

36-152.    Bus and taxi zones.

36-153.    Freight loading zones.

36-154.    Parking meter violations. *1

36-155.    Parking overtime at meter prohibited (Deleted). -1

36-156.    Position of parked vehicle.

36-156.01.    Sanction.

36-156.02.    Payment of sanctions upon receipt of notice of violation of certain offenses; procedure; effect of failure to make payment; court jurisdiction.

Division 2. Residential Parking

36-157.    Residential parking permit area.

36-157.1.    Designation of residential parking permit areas.

36-157.2.    Parking within residential parking areas.

36-157.3.    Permit areas.

36-157.4.    Fees.

Article XII. Penalty and Schedules

36-158.    Schedule I—Local speed limits.

36-159.    Schedule II—One-way streets.

36-160.    Schedule III—Through truck routes.

Article XIII. Inoperable or Unregistered Vehicles

36-161.    Inoperable or unregistered vehicle on residential lot.

36-162.    Inoperable or unregistered vehicle on right-of-way.

36-163—36-167.    Reserved.

36-168—36-200.    Reserved.

Article XIV. Taxicabs and Limousines

36-201.    Definitions.

36-202.    Display of fare and other information.

36-203.    Meters; fares; charges.

36-204.    Direct routes required.

36-205.    Displays requirements.

36-206.    Violation; penalty.

36-207—36-299.    Reserved.

Article XV. Electric Standup Scooters

36-300.    Speed limit. +1

36-301.    Turning movement and pedestrian regulations. +1

36-302.    Yielding right-of-way. +1

36-303.    Signs prohibiting bicycles are applicable to electric standup scooters. +1

36-304.    Electric standup scooters prohibited on sidewalks. +1

36-305.    Parking of electric standup scooters. +1

36-306.    Unauthorized use. +1

36-307.    Electric standup scooter equipment required. +1

36-308.    Electric standup scooter age requirements. +1

36-309—36-399.    Reserved.

Article XVI. Regulation of Conduct on Transit Vehicles, Property and Facilities

36-400.    Definitions.

36-401.    Transit parking and boarding.

36-402.    Animals.

36-403.    Prohibited conduct.

36-404.    Fare payment.

36-405.    Exclusion ordinances.

36-406.    Complaints, sufficiency of service, and authority to remove persons from transit vehicles and property.

36-407.    Penalty.


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