Chapter 37

Article I. In General

37-1.    Definitions.

37-2.    Water Services Department—Duties—Water Services Director.

37-3.    Authority of Water Services Director to make decisions.

37-4.    Water Services Department—Duties.

37-5.    Ownership of main extensions, service pipes and appurtenant equipment.

37-6.    Shut-off valves.

37-7.    Obstruction of water system.

37-8.    Tampering with and damaging water system.

37-9.    Only authorized persons to turn on water.

37-10.    Unauthorized possession, sale or fabrication of Water Services Department keys or hydrant wrench.

37-11.    Fire hydrants—Generally; purpose and use.

37-12.    Fire hydrants—Obstructing access; unlawful use, tampering with or injuring.

37-13.    General construction water—From fire hydrants; unmetered water to be estimated.

37-14.    Interruption of service.

37-15.    Street works; utility relocation; notice to Water Services Department.

37-16.    Condemned buildings.

37-17—37-21. Reserved.

37-22.    Protection of water supply and sewerage systems.

37-23.    Water Services Department—Right of entry for inspection; credentials.

37-24.    Duty of other City departments to aid Water Services Department.

37-25.    Construction of paving districts.

37-26.    Permit required for consumer to supply water to others.

37-27.    Waste of water; failure of customer to make repairs to pipes, valves and fixtures.

37-28.    Rules and regulations; authority of Director.

37-29.    Rules and regulations to apply outside City; exception.

Article II. Main Extensions and Construction

37-30.    Main extensions—Connections with distribution system.

37-31.    Extensions—Construction; ownership and maintenance.

37-32.    Extensions—Policy of City—Generally.

37-33.    Extensions in subdivisions, single lot, and sublot developments and all other developments.

37-33.01.    Fire hydrants inside City in areas served by private water companies.

37-34.    Construction water through metered service connections; rates.

37-35.    Water repayment program for Class 1 and Class 2 off-site infrastructure needed for development. *1

37-36.    Water off-site infrastructure repayment program for private development—Bids for construction. *1

37-37.    Extensions—Engineering costs; inspection of construction.

37-38.    Extensions—Inapplicability of provisions to existing agreements; no interest to be paid.

Article III. Service Connections

37-39.    Connection to water mains required.

37-40.    Buildings to have separate service connections; exceptions.

37-41.    Unauthorized connection with water mains.

37-42.    Application for service generally; information required.

37-43.    Services and materials to be property of Water Services Department; consumers to pay for damages.

37-44.    Service connections on existing mains.

37-45.    Developer to install service connections on new mains in new subdivisions.

37-46.    Connection of existing services to new main.

37-47.    Changes to existing service connection.

37-48.    Service pipes—Location.

37-49.    Service pipes—Excavations under sidewalk; installation.

37-50.    Special connections for fire prevention service; installation and fees; use.

37-51.    Service connection fees.

37-52.    Installation of special services.

Article IV. Meters

37-53.    Services to be metered.

37-54.    Location of meters.

37-55.    Resetting of meters inside buildings.

37-56.    Cost of changing size of meter or service.

37-57.    Removal of meters.

37-58.    Replacement of meters.

37-59.    Maintenance and repair; consumer to pay for damages.

37-60.    Testing meter accuracy.

Article V. Deposits, Rates, Billing Procedures and Miscellaneous Charges

37-61.    Financial responsibility deposits.

37-62.    Independent water rate review.

37-62.1.    Method of developing a water quantity charge.

37-63.    Water rates within the City of Phoenix and Town of Paradise Valley.

37-63.1.    Non-potable and untreated Central Arizona Project water rates within the City of Phoenix and Town of Paradise Valley.

37-64.    Water rates—Outside the City of Phoenix.

37-64.1.    Non-potable and untreated Central Arizona Project water rates outside the City of Phoenix.

37-65.    Excise tax.

37-66.    Reserved.

37-67.    Reserved.

37-68.    City government; fire hydrant charge.

37-69.    Charges to service applicant or customer.

37-70.    Drinking fountains, toilets and other fixtures.

37-71.    Charges when meter fails to register correctly or unable to be read.

37-71.1.    Errors in water service charges. +1

37-72.    Charges for use of more than one meter.

37-73.    Fire hydrant meter—Deposit, charges, monthly service charge and water rates; fire flow tests.

37-74.    Unapproved water use and/or removal of seals from fire prevention system.

37-75.    Standby fire prevention service.

37-76.    Water service connection charges.

37-77.    Separate tap and meter installations.

37-78.    Reserved.

37-79.    Changing the size of meter on existing tap.

37-80.    Meter relocation on existing service line due to right-of-way abandonment for convenience of customer.

37-81.    Taps for water main extensions.

37-82.    Test taps.

37-83.    Water main shutdown; charges.

37-84.    Activation or reactivation of water service.

37-85.    Delinquent account fees and miscellaneous charges.

37-86.    Billing procedure.

37-87.    Accounts generally; notices; house numbers to be correct.

37-88.    Payment of bills and charges.

37-89.    Unpaid bills at previous location.

37-90.    Water service to tenants.

37-91.    Unregistered or unassessed water.

37-92.    Miscellaneous charges for water.

37-93.    Discontinuance of service—On order of customer.

37-94.    Resumption of service.

37-95.    Administrative hearing.

37-95.1.    Medical accounts and financial hardship accounts.

Article VI. Water Utilities Appraisal Review Board

37-96.    Water Utilities Appraisal Review Board—Created; composition; appointment and terms of members; administration; compensation of members.

37-97.    Water Utilities Appraisal Review Board—Duties and powers.

37-98.    Water Utilities Appraisal Review Board—Plan of operation.

Article VII. Enforcement of Chapter

37-99.    Interference with or obstructing water system facilities.

37-100.    Authority of Water Services Department to turn off water.

37-101.    Rules and regulations to be enforced; exception.

Article VIII. Citizens’ Water Rate Advisory Committee

37-102.    Citizens’ Water Rate Advisory Committee; creation; composition; term of office.

37-103.    Function and purposes.

37-104.    Appointment of officers and adoption of rules.

37-105.    Compensation of members.

37-106.    Committee reports.

37-107.    Incurring expenses.

37-108, 37-109.    Reserved.

Article IX. Water Conservation

37-110.    Limitations on water use for turf-related facilities.

37-111.    Limitations of water use.

37-112.    Administrative hearing procedure for maximum annual water allotment and billing disputes.

37-113.    Declaration of policy; permit required for new turf-related facility.

37-114.    Declaration of policy; permit required for filling or refilling of new bodies of water.

37-115.    Construction and repayment of non-potable water components.

37-116.    Permit variance; non-potable water use requirements for existing bodies of water and existing turf-related facilities.

37-117.    Responsibility of facilities using non-potable water to secure necessary permits.

37-118, 37-119.    Reserved.

37-120.    Additional remedies.

Article X. Drought Management Response Procedure

37-121.    Scope.

37-122.    Declaration of policy.

37-123.    Authorization.

37-124.    Application.

37-125.    Water use reduction stages.

37-126.    Stage 1—Water alert.

37-127.    Stage 2—Water Warning.

37-128.    Stage 3—Water Emergency.

37-129.    Stage 4—Water crisis.

37-130.    Water use reduction implementation.

37-130.1.    Surcharges, fees, penalties, and variances.

37-130.2.    Limited exemption to restrictions for users of reclaimed water.

Article XI. Water Environmental Charge

37-131.    Definitions for Article XI.

37-132.    Purpose of water environmental charge.

37-133.    Water environmental rate.

37-134.    Payment of bills and charges.

37-135.    Utilization of water environmental charge revenues.

37-136—37-140.    Reserved.

Article XII. Backflow Prevention

37-141.    Declaration of policy; authorization.

37-142.    Cross connections from or to source of water supply other than that of City.

37-143.    Responsibility for backflow prevention control.

37-144.    Backflow prevention methods.

37-145.    Appeals.

37-146.    Remedies.


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