Chapter 39

Article I. General Provisions

39-1.    Title.

39-2.    Purpose and scope.

39-3.    Definitions.

Article II. Maintenance Standards

39-4.    Scope.

39-5.    Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems; health and safety conditions.

39-6.    Building and structure exteriors.

39-7.    Exterior premises and vacant land.

39-8.    Buildings, structures, excavations constituting a nuisance; violation; abatement.

39-9.    Airborne pollens.

39-10.    Graffiti prevention, prohibition and removal.

Article III. Administration and Enforcement

39-11.    Authority to enforce standards.

39-12.    Rules and regulations.

39-13.    Authority, inspections, fees.

39-13.1.    Notice of violation

39-13.2.    Recording a notice of violation

39-14.    Enforcement independent of other officials.

39-15.    Cooperation of other departments.

39-16.    Violations and penalties.

39-17.    Jurisdiction of court.

39-18.    Commencement of civil action.

39-19.    Admission or denial of allegation; hearing; findings of court; civil sanction.

39-20.    Court-ordered abatement.

39-21.    Appeal of court decision.

Article IV. Abatement

39-22.    Abatement.

39-23.    Temporary abatement.

39-24.    Emergency abatement.

39-25.    Abatement by demolition.

39-26.    Notice of violation.

39-27.    Reserved.

39-28.    Recording a violation.

39-29.    Transfer of property after notice.

39-30.    Structures posted as hazardous.

Article V. Rehabilitation Appeals Board

39-31.    Rehabilitation Appeals Board.

39-32.    Terms of members; vacancies.

39-33.    Quorum; officers of the Board; absences; meetings.

39-34.    Powers, duties and responsibilities of the Board.

Article VI. Appeals

39-35.    Administrative conference.

39-36.    Variances.

39-37.    Appeals to the Rehabilitation Appeals Board.

39-38.    Reserved.

39-39.    Liability.

Article VII. Conflict of Ordinances; Severability

39-40.    Conflict of ordinances.

39-41.    Severability.

Article VIII. Slum Property

39-42.    Slum property designation.

39-43.    Assessment and liens.

39-44.    Slum Property Designation Appeals Panel.

39-45.    Hearing panels.

39-46.    Hearings.

39-47.    Administrative activities.

39-48.    Registration of residential rental property.


Editor's noteAs set out in the 1969 Code, ch. 39 consisted of arts. 1—8. For purposes of conformity, as part of the 2001 Republication, arts. 1—8 were redesignated as arts. I—VIII. References to such provisions in the text have been changed to reflect the redesignation.

Cross referenceCommunity and Economic Development Department, § 2-33; Neighborhood Services Department, § 2-34.02; Commission on Housing and Neighborhoods, § 2-201 et seq.; building regulations, ch. 9; nuisances, § 23-11 et seq.; solid waste, ch. 27; maintenance of land abutting street or sidewalk, § 31-10; urban renewal, ch. 35; storage of inoperable or unregistered vehicles, § 36-161 et seq.; trees and vegetation, ch. 34; zoning, ch. 41.