Chapter 42

42-1.    Definitions.

42-2.    Trust fund.

42-3.    Board; appointment; terms.

42-4.    Powers and duties.

42-5.    Risk Management Consultant or Insurance Administrator; verification.

42-6.    Termination.

42-7.    Self-insurance; funding and allocation.

42-8.    Claims and litigation management; claims committee.

42-9.    Insurance purchase and allocation.

42-10.    Effect of other valid and collectible insurance.

42-11.    Authorization for approval of liability and special risk claims.

42-12.    Offers of judgment; binding effect.

42-13.    Payment of judgments.

42-14.    Imprest checking account payment authority.

42-15.    Agent for service of claims and process.

42-16.    Representation and indemnification of the City, City employees, covered corporations, covered City entities and other persons, corporations or entities.

42-17.    Cooperation of covered individual, covered corporation, or covered City entity required.

42-18.    Contract provisions; indemnification prohibition.

42-19.    Risk management loss control.

42-20.    Additional self-insurance trust fund costs; public entity exception.

42-21.    Limitation of provisions.


Cross referencesAdministration, ch. 2; finance, ch. 13; liability of City for damages or injuries arising out of defective or obstructive highways or sidewalks, § 31-20.