1 Name; source of authority.

The municipal corporation now existing and known as "The Common Council of the City of Phoenix" shall remain and continue to be a body politic and corporate under the name of "City of Phoenix," and shall have all the powers necessary, proper or convenient for the government and regulation of its inhabitants and its local affairs, the exercise of which are not forbidden by the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution or laws of the State of Arizona, including those hereinafter enumerated in subsequent chapters of this Charter, as well as those enumerated in Section 3 of Chapter 11 of the acts of the first special session of the First Legislature of Arizona, entitled "An Act to enable all cities, now or hereafter containing a population of more than three thousand five hundred, to frame and adopt Charters for their own government, and to extend and define their own powers," approved June 8, 1912.

2 Boundaries.

Editor’s noteThe City’s boundaries are not carried in this Charter. A legal copy of the boundaries is on file in the office of the City Clerk.

In Amish v. City of Phoenix et al., 36 Ariz., 282 p. 42, the Court held that a change in the boundaries of the City, made in accordance with the provisions of Section 8 of Chapter XXI, is not a Charter amendment and is, therefore, valid.

State law referenceAnnexation, A.R.S. § 9-471 et seq.