1 Conduct of elections.

The conduct of all City elections shall be under the control of the Council and the Council may by ordinance, subject to the provisions of this Charter, provide for the holding of municipal elections. The provisions of State Law governing elections, where not in conflict with the provisions of this Charter, in force at the time of any City election, shall govern such City election in matters for which no provision is made in this Charter or by ordinance and the Council shall exercise the powers and perform the duties conferred on or imposed by such laws; provided that where this Charter makes provisions relating to any matters contained in such State Laws, said Charter provision shall govern. The register of qualified electors of the City of Phoenix shall be compiled from the general county register, Maricopa County, Arizona, and the cancellations of registrations, Maricopa County, Arizona. The form of ballot shall be substantially as that prescribed by ordinance.

The Council shall be the canvassing board, which shall meet no earlier than the seventh day after the election and no later than the fifteenth day after the final unofficial election results are available to canvass the votes and announce and declare the results of such election.

(Election of 11-9-1971; election of 9-11-2007, § 2; election of 8-28-2018, eff. 10-24-2018)

2 Council to be responsible for holding elections.

Prior to the holding of any City election provided for herein, the Council shall designate the necessary polling places, appoint the necessary judges and inspectors of election, and provide for the making up, printing and distribution of the ballots, and provide the necessary booths and paraphernalia for the holding of such elections.

(Election of 11-9-1971)

3 Number of polling places; hours polling places to be kept open.

There shall be a sufficient number of polling places designated in the City of Phoenix for the casting of votes, and such polling places shall be kept open on the day of election from six (6) o’clock a.m., to seven (7) o’clock p.m.; provided, however, that the Council may by ordinance extend the hours during which polling places shall be kept open. For elections conducted by the county, polling places shall be as designated by the county for the precincts located entirely or partially in the City.

(Election of 11-9-1971; election of 8-28-2018, eff. 10-24-2018)

4 Qualifications of electors.

The qualification of electors shall be as required by the constitution and laws of the state for state and county electors.

State law reference—Qualifications for registration, A.R.S. § 16-101.

5 State law to control violations and campaign contributions and expenditures.

The laws of the state relative to violations of the election laws and the publicity of campaign contributions and expenditures of committees and candidates at primary, special and general elections, shall apply to City elections under this Charter and shall be enforced as provided in said state laws.

State law reference—Election violations, A.R.S. § 16-1001 et seq.; campaign contributions, A.R.S. § 16-901 et seq.

6 Elections may be held at same time as other elections.

Any election provided for herein may be held on the same date as any state, county or district election held under state law.

(Election of 11-5-1985; election of 8-28-2018, eff. 10-24-2018)

7 Voting systems.

The Council may provide for voting machines or an electronic voting system or both to be used in any of the elections provided for in this Charter, in which event the use of such machines or systems shall conform to the provisions of the general laws of the State of Arizona governing the use of voting machines or electronic voting systems where not in conflict with the provisions of this Charter or ordinances of the City.

(Election of 11-9-1971)

State law reference—Voting equipment, A.R.S. §§ 16-421 et seq., 16-441 et seq.

8 Limitation on number of special elections.

Except where a special election is required by the provisions of this Charter or is called for the purpose of seeking approval of the qualified electors to incur public debt, there shall not be held more than one special election in any period of six months.

(Election of 2-7-1984)

9 Special elections to be conducted in same manner as general election.

All special elections herein provided for shall be conducted in the same manner and under the same provisions as are provided for the holding of general elections, including the qualifications of electors and the nomination of candidates.

(Election of 11-9-1971)

10 Citywide, general elections.

Any Citywide election shall, for all purposes, be deemed to be a general election.

(Election of 11-6-2001)


State law reference—Elections, A.R.S. § 16-101 et seq.