1 Power of electors.

The qualified electors of this City shall have the power through the referendum to refer to the people a protest, demand for reconsideration, or repeal of legislation to carry out or enforce the general powers of the City or of the City Council.

(Election of 11-9-1971)

2 Adoption of State law.

The applicable requirements, limitations and authorities of Article IV, Part 1, Section 1, of the Constitution of Arizona as now constituted and hereafter amended and the applicable provisions of Title 19, Chapter 1, Articles 1, 2, 3 and 4, Arizona Revised Statutes, as now constituted and hereafter amended, relating to the powers of referendum, are hereby adopted as provisions of this Charter governing the manner of exercising the referendum powers herein reserved.

Any ordinance or measure that the Council or the qualified electors of the City shall have the authority to enact, the Council may of its own motion submit to the electors for adoption or rejection at a general or special municipal election, in the same manner and with the same force and effect as is provided in this chapter [Charter] for ordinances or measures submitted on petition.

3 Additional provisions.

In addition to the provisions of Section 2 hereof, the following provisions are adopted:

A.    No ordinance passed by the Council shall go into effect before thirty days from the time of its final passage, except emergency measures adopted pursuant to the Arizona Constitution and this Charter. If during the said thirty days, a petition by qualified electors of the City, equal in number to ten per centum of the total number of votes cast at the last preceding general City election at which a Mayor was elected protesting the passage of such ordinance, or any item, section, or part thereof, is presented to the Council, such ordinance or item, section, or part thereof protested, shall be suspended from going into operation. It shall then be the duty of the Council to reconsider such ordinance. If the ordinance or an item, section or part thereof protested be not repealed, the Council shall submit the ordinance or item, section or part thereof protested to the electors of the City either at the next general election or at a special election to be called for that purpose. Such protested ordinance or protested item, section or part thereof shall not go into effect or become operative unless a majority of the qualified electors voting on the same ordinance, item, section or part vote in favor thereof.

B.    The City Council, by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of its Members, may adopt ordinances implementing and clarifying the manner of exercising the referendum not in conflict with this chapter, the Arizona Constitution, and the Laws of Arizona.

C.    The City Clerk shall determine the validity of all referendum petitions by verifying a random sample of 20 percent of the signatures thereon and the qualifications of the signators regardless of the apparent sufficiency or insufficiency thereof.

(Election of 11-9-1971; election of 8-28-2018, eff. 10-24-2018)


Editor’s note—The section catchlines in ch. XVI were added by the editor.

State Law reference—Initiative and referendum, A.R.S. § 19-101 et seq.